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Fringe Online 2020

Low Down

The performance takes the form of a spoken narrative about having found out that you are pregnant and the discussion with the prospective father with pairs of people visually taking the words and turning them into abstract movements between them. Following a narrative pattern of exposing the truth, dealing with the shock, getting very angry and then making up, this is a few moments caught in voice over but shown visually in a physical performance in various pairs that attempts to give the words action.


I have to give credit to this young company for both, putting a piece of work up that is developmental rather than truly polished and taking that risk. It is bold and part of the criticism I have for it is based upon the belief that such boldness and confidence will allow for a more fully rounded production to be in very safe hands.

The methodology of putting this together is both interesting and highly illuminating. The interest is in taking a piece and then showing the process; even inviting people to explore it themselves. This makes it all the more accessible. The company have great charisma and know how to package a piece of instruction – the workshop is good.

The illumination allows me to see the movement and have context for how to interpret it. Some of the movement is not fully enough formed to allow me to understand how it is affected by the text or developed far enough away from it that you begin to see it having a life of its own. In pairs the interaction physically is interesting, but it would be difficult to understand without the words spoken and in subtitles. And yet, I wanted to see the finished product without the text. I think that would make the piece more rounded and a connection between the intention and the performance more authentic.

As it stands it is enough to elicit both interest and admiration. I shall be looking out for what comes next for Buried Thunder.


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