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Fringe Online 2020

Waiting for Hamlet

Waiting for Hamlet

Genre: Radio Play, Short Plays, Theatre

Venue: Brighton Fringe online


Low Down

Hamlet, the father and Yorick the fool, are in a place which must be purgatory. The fool does not fancy the role of the King and the King wants to avoid being seen as a fool as the discussion between them ranges from the nature of kingship to the goings on in Hamlet’s close family; and they claim there may be something rotten there.


This award winning play is offered online and suffers not a bit for being denied a stage. Without the visuals we have two choices upon which to concentrate – the acting and the script – and I have to say they are a treat. Tim Marriott as Hamlet, the father and Nicholas Collett as Yorick are clearly actors of some experience. That experience not only shines but it also captivates you as both of these iconic characters.

Between them they are able to bring that vocal experience to play. With depth, strength and tonal colour they have the relationship between these two misforgotten characters under their command. It leads to the pauses and the cadence being sharply observed allowing for the subtleties of an excellent script to shine.

Perhaps because of the need to concentrate on the words and how they are spoken, hearing the cleverness of that script becomes quite easy. It is not indulgent or over aware of itself but the puns and verbal twists are played out with such ease and joy that you cannot help but be amused. It is not a laugh out aloud form of comedy but one that glows from within.

The script has won awards but that in itself needs a blend of acting and direction to be its equal. The direction here is spot on and the way in which it keeps the pace and the pauses on track was marvelous.

There was little by way of audio support in terms of a soundscape but everything that there was , was delivered in keeping with the performances; that is perfectly judged.

Its easy to say that I liked this and enjoyed it. It suggests a very interesting idea – of two Shakespearean characters who have massive iconic roles but little by way of longevity on stage. The delivery of this idea has found excellent fruition and a platform that is well worth exploring.