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Fringe Online 2021

I Know The Truth

Anne Rabbitt

Genre: Adaptation, Film, Online Theatre, Poetry-Based Theatre, Spoken Word

Venue: Online@theSpaceUK Season 2


Low Down

“When lies become alternative facts, what happens to truth? Using only the 56 words in a Marina Tsvetaeva poem, Anne Rabbitt re-shapes them to find new truths in a moving and thought-provoking short film.”


Writer performer Anne Rabbitt is reinventing her work with wonderful results! Slated to perform a one person show at the 2020 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, Rabbitt chose to crossover and create short films. Her latest work, I Know The Truth, debuts and plays this month at the Online@theSpaceUK Season 2 fringe.

I know The Truth is a short, impactful meditation on 56 words from a poem by Marina Tsvetaeva. Rabbitt’s calm yet decisive even-paced delivery complements her writing perfectly and produces a welcome provocative and meaningful six minutes – to slow down the madness in our lives.

By reframing words in the original poem by Tsvetaeva, Rabbitt crafts new phrases and chapters or stanzas – beautifully set to engaging filmic imagery and discrete soundscape by Finn Rabbitt Dove. Natural landscapes of trees, the sea and a small house appear, pass us by to become frayed and abstract in limited rusty sepia brown colours. A new chapter is preceded by bright yellow with reds and greens, which seep and merge into each other as the muddy landscape moves forward and takes us, willingly, with it.

While the aesthetic of this film is poetic, it also makes us pause to think, to imagine and suddenly Rabbitt’s expressions take us further into contemplating the future – and what is.

Take a moment to immerse yourself in this visual and aural storytelling experience – and breathe!

The first of Rabbitt’s film creations “Bookshelf Ballad” is still available to view online at this date.

For more information about Anne Rabbitt’s creative process, listen to our Audio Interview with her here.