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Latitude 2009

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


Venue: Film & Music Tent, Latitude Festival


Low Down

From cats to parents, grandmothers to scary goat-men , this show is utterly bizzaire, and brilliantly crafted, weaving storytelling with animation


1927’s quirky little show was not done any favours by its location in the film and music tent at Latitude Festival. The stage was too high for those sitting on the floor, and the blackout wasn’t complete enough for all the video projections to work properly.

That being said, it was easy to see how well the show would work in more favourable surroundings and the cast performed very admirably against the odds. Contributing to the trend of ‘storytelling shows’ where the audience are regaled with short, unusual ‘tales’ this piece treats the audience to ten terrible tales, told by two white-faced women and accompanied by a live on-stage pianist.

Animations on a screen behind the performers provide the set for the show and contribute to the storytelling. The way the cast interact with the screen is very clever and works extremely well. I am also sure that it would have been even more impressive if the view had been better.

Some of the stories are very off the wall and amusing, but others were quite repetitive, and I think part of the problem of the piece is that you know you will be witnessing ten tales, so in effect you find yourself ‘counting down’ throughout the show.

Overall though, this is a finely acted piece of theatre, the two actresses ‘RP’ accents are carefully honed to create two of the spookiest children you could conceive of – who even abduct an unassuming audience member at one point. The show sold out in Edinburgh two years ago, and appears to show no sign of stopping, so catch it if you can.


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