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Ludlow Fringe Festival 2019


Jim Campbell

Genre: Stand-Up

Venue: The Sitting Room, Ludlow


Low Down

Despite having a surname that strikes fear into all MacDonalds, Jim Campbell overrides history and determines to come out on top. At least he tries …


Fresh-faced and full of charm Jim Campbell’s demeanour hides the side that all good comedians share, The Dark Side. He soon becomes dark and definitely dismal when he considers himself and all the things that hate him – his ex-girlfriend, his PR company and most of all his new puppy. Jim came to the last night of our modest Fringe when all but two of his audience were elsewhere – preferring (how could they?) an Elvis impersonator to this dry, laconic ramble through some off-the-wall notions. My favourite: Nuts are something between fruit and wood. Just think about that, but possibly not while you are taking your driving test.

Jim was testing out his material on us and it is always an honour to be that soundboard. Especially when, as you are just processing the last bon mot and unable to guffaw, Jim strikes out the joke then and there from his repertoire. Too late! But then the joke may well have been his contender for Dave’s Worst Joke Of The Edinburgh Fringe and so perhaps best left out anyway. Although it was a good one … possibly not bad enough.

Lots of fine observational humour; from hangovers “A sophisticated jamboree of dread” to relationships and love “A kinder egg full of wasps”. Jim has to face the consequences of his decision that what may be wrong with the world is … him … and his regular personal daydream of reliving all his memories would not be an easy call for anyone but he does it with real style and infectious humour.