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Ludlow Fringe Festival 2019

Unusual Suspects

Sandro Ford / Kris Davies / Luke Biddle / Steffan Evans

Genre: Stand-Up

Venue: the Sitting Room at the Blue Boar, Ludlow


Low Down

The Welsh are back! Ludlow takes a hilarious hit from the Lads from the Valleys and beyond …


A motley crew of Welsh comedians take on the handsome English town of Ludlow and re-generate some old rivalries. Not that Ludlow minds, as it is all, literally, in good humour. For the Welsh, attack is the best form of defence and Steffan Evans introducing these four talented and diverse comedians brings us the well-trodden path of ridiculing either an audience member’s attire or the combination of family groups who may seem perfectly reasonable but in his eyes harbour some dodgy familial relationships. Fast paced and upbeat, this is a show highlighting some real stand-up talent. From the off we have Kris with his guitar ditties “When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie you’re on acid” to Sandro with his wild hair, mixed roots and appearance “if Harry Potter had a child with Susan Boyle” with his penchant for the weak pun and the strong stamp of the foot, to Luke Biddle, a troll-like stand-in for a Game of Thrones extra “I’m the disappointing ending but access to an abundance of tits”. All in all they brought us razor-sharp wit and a general feel-good atmosphere proving that, although Ludlow was once capital of the Marches and kept the Welsh at bay, one day they would return and make us laugh. What’s not to like about that?

A perfect Friday night stand-up show which entertained both locals and visitors – gently ridiculed though they all were.