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Prague Fringe 2015

Boris & Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure

Flabbergast Theatre

Genre: Puppetry

Venue: Divadlo Kampa


Low Down

Following their sell out smash of Edinburgh Fringe, puppetry’s Balkan bad boys Boris & Sergey, present for your viewing pleasure a plethora of pleasing plays and skits! Expect riotous exploits, malarkey, molestation and mirth of a magnitude hitherto unseen in Prague!


Boris and Sergey are table puppets about 18” tall each. They are not marionettes, so there are no strings. They are not Muppets, so no one has a hand in one arm and another in their mouth. Each puppet is moved by three puppeteers who have to stand, or kneel, very close to each other in performing tight-knit, disciplined choreography that rivals your favorite dance company. This group must have worked together for years to get to that level of seamless coordination. The puppets are made of leather and are remarkably featureless, with no facial details, yet in the hands of this ensemble they are amazingly expressive. They are so expressive that when the puppeteers lay them down and walk away, you stare at the puppet, fully expecting it to move on its own.

Being puppets they can walk, climb, fly, dance and fight and do all those things with abandon. They even play poker with audience members.

In a seriously creepy, frightening plot twist Boris runs out of chips during the poker game and bets, and loses, his soul. In a zany car and motorcycle chase (void of car or motorcycle), Boris and Sergey are chased by dark creatures from the underworld trying to collect Boris’ soul. See it to find out what happens 

This show is wonderful and we want to see it again. We are happy to rate Boris & Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure as a Highly Recommended Show.