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Prague Fringe 2015

Richard III

Brite Theater

Genre: Drama

Venue: Kaverna 3+1


Low Down

Pushing the boundaries of Shakespearean Performance, Brite Theatre has re-imagined Richard III as a one-woman show. The fourth wall has been utterly obliterated, as you the audience take on the roles of all the other characters of Richard’s party in this intimate, exciting and moving production. Let Richard entertain you…but will you survive? ‘Even more sinister than other Richards I have seen on stage or film… it touched me deeper’ (Tjarnarbio Reykjavik). 


Brite Theater seems to consist of director Sigfusdottir Kolbrun and performer Emily Carding who collaborated to create an astonishing take on Richard III. The fact that there are only two of them is a very good thing in this case because the Kaverna 3+1 venue is microscopic, seating maybe 23 with a stage smaller than a twin bed and therefore there is no room for anyone else. As you walk in and choose a seat you may find yourself assigned to be a character in the play.

This may require you to be called up on stage, where you will have no lines, but are part of the action. From the top of the play Ms. Carding blows through the fourth wall confronting us other characters where they sit, or bringing them up on stage or assigning them to kill others.

To do this she roams from the stage down the center aisle with malice aforethought and although she is the only voice, this is not a monologue, this is a play and we are players. With Richard being who he is, many of the audience found themselves wearing stickers at the end of the play that labeled them “Dead”.

This concept works because Ms. Carding is a serious Shakespearean actor and Ms. Kolbrun knows when and where to place her. Iambic pentameter can be a tough meal to chew on, but coming from this show, it is clear and goes down like melted butter.

There is no set because there is nowhere to put one. The costume design is a man’s suit and tie and the show is performed in house lighting because almost everyone in the room is part of the cast. Somehow, with the most minimal of materials, this show is complete theatre.