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Prague Fringe 2017

Zach & Viggo

Zach Zucker & Viggo Venn

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Divadlo Inspirace


Low Down

Award-winning, sell-out, critic and audience favourite loons deliver new material (minute by minute) to lucky Praguers.


If Steve Martin and Martin Short had performed a groundbreaking, gay double act on SNL in the 70s it would have looked something like this.
The entire show was an absolutely brilliant display of pure energy and audience-performer connectivity.
Zach and Viggo never let up on that fantastically attractive vitality. I did begin to feel that it was not in the audience’s keen power to match the stamina of our hosts however and despite being marvellously improvised, the second half (and I hope Zach and Viggo would agree because they made this audience’s 7th inning lull a part of their act) asked a lot more of the viewer than the viewer had to give. This is certainly not to say that they were losing us in any way; Stewart Lee’s method of making scattered laughter an amusing part of the show was utilised well by Zach and Viggo and quite probably endeared them to us moreso. That in itself was a difficult feat as I think we were already primed to Facebook Friend them as soon as the lights went up  having been utterly blown away by their talent, honesty and charm.
If my wife had been there I am convinced she would have fancied these guys as much as I did. I hope I get the opportunity to see their solo shows (also on here at Fringe this week) and if I am lucky get to tell them how bloody funny they are at one of the Fringes many after show parties. I doubt that either of them will be going to bed early while they are in Prague.
It’s surreal, cerebral, physical, slapstick, buddy comedy at it’s best. They look funny, act funny, write funny and make stuff up funny. This will have you feeling like a 7-year-old with the two funniest uncles a kid ever had.