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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

A Funeral For My Friend Who Is Still Alive

t A funereal plan which ends up with an intriguing twist – no “body” arrives.

Aude Lener – On Edge

Beautifully crafted physical and observational comedy

Child of Sunday

A touching and tender way to beginf a day at the Fringe.

Chopped Liver and Unions

a rich and lively biography


Daly is the Pied Piper of Edinburgh – Enchanting, witty, interactive and relatable. A one woman show that pokes fun at satirical characters from her past!

How to Find a Husband in 37 Years or Longer

One woman's coming of age story about failed relationships

Initial Consult

Despite what might seem to be heavy material, there is never a moment where you feel like you can’t laugh. It is all delivered with warmth, energy, and skill that is impossible to not be charmed by. 

Manifest Destiny’s Child

A one man true story about social justice and how individuals can make meaningful change.

Modern Witches

The fusion of Kopajtic’s writing and acting is nothing short of magic.

My Dad Wears A Dress

Zany humour with some serious insights


A fascinating tale of searching for home in a city that is a foreign land.

Shadow Boxing

Intense and human story - very well acted.

The Mitfords

The play will make you want to learn more about its subjects, and Emma Wilkinson Wright’s phenomenal performance that makes this show particularly gripping. 

Under a Lime Sky

Fascinating - art and a change of pace.

waiting for a train at the bus stop

Captivating, laced with humour but dark and heart-breaking.

Why Am I Like This

An exquisite and hilarious blend of personal experience, debunked myths and compelling storytelling.

WONDER DRUG: A Comedy About Cystic Fibrosis

Charlie Merriman is a gifted performer and story teller, with every part of him used to take us on his quest for the Wonder-Drug