Review: Bingewatch

Inventive show with humor and drama, very well performed. Every show is completely different!

Review: Improvabunga!

A very satisfying hour as a movie is created before our laughter-filled eyes

Review: The Wrong Planet

There’s a great act struggling out of this blissfully baggy monster.

Review: Nine Lessons and Carols

The Almeida’s another country. They do shows differently there. A bold communing of theatre stories with the fresh poignancy of what’s happened during 2020

Review: Austentatious

A very silly and fun evening romping through Jane Austenesque drawing rooms

Review: Bumper Blyton

A superior example of improvised nonsense and mayhem set at a time when things were more hidden and inuendo more obvious.

Review: The Birth of Death

“A profoundly moving and disarmingly funny journey, looking at death and how we approach it…”

Review: Impromptu Shakespeare

One of the many plays that Shakespeare might have written, but didn’t. And there'll be a different one tomorrow.

Review: Bear North

Do come if you want charm, unpredictable choruses and weather. And where else can you see a dancing bear not even brushed backwards in the making of this show?

Review: Show Up

"Improvised Comedy at its very best"

Review: Unreachable

A profoundly quizzical play about directorial and film-mogul silliness, using one liners and silliness to address these questions.

Review: Hip

Hip is a must see show. A Brighton-spirited séance with tequila, nibbles, tenderness and laughter.

Review: Extravaganza

An absurd yet deliciously delectable action packed hour and ten minutes of clowning, acrobatics, physical theatre and slapping

Review: Wonderland

A workshop/performance based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

Review: Austentatious!

Hustle and bustle, indeed, lift up your petticoats and run to this show ..

Review: The Beau Zeaux

Smart longform comedy from a gang of familar faces.

Review: Shit-faced Shakespeare

A slick show with strong performances and impressive improvised interventions

Review: #Hashtag

Improv meets social media—what could be tweeter?

Review: The Showstoppers Family Hour

An intoxicating hour of improvised story and song.

Review: Women Who Wank

"Her improvisational skills are captivating"

Review: The Oxford Imps

A bright and brilliant show

Review: Faulty Towers

The Dining Experience

Review: Buddhism: Is it just for Losers?

Surreal and entertaining gallop through aspects of religion and philosophy. Includes jokes about solipsism.

Review: Wuthering Heights

A highly impressive, witty, absorbing and intriguing take on the issue of masculinity through the eyes and lens of a classic text that is never dull and frequently inspirational.

Review: Phil Mann’s Full Mind

Interesting insights from a full-flowing genius

Review: Absolute Improv

Fast-paced sketch show at its best when audience chips in

Review: Chimprovisation!

Decent improv from a young improving group

Review: The One Hour Plays

An inventive and successful example of good improvised theatre

Review: The Improvised Musical

Light-hearted musical entertainment that you help to create yourself

Review: White Rabbit Red Rabbit

White Rabbit Red Rabbit is brave piece of experimental writing and thoroughly deserving of your attention this fringe.

Review: The Improvised Musical

A great group of improvisers produce an entertaining show.

Review: The Improverts

The Bedlam Theatre is celebrating its thirtieth year at the Fringe, while the Improverts are entering their third decade. Time, then for them to get complacent, or to up their game to ever higher levels?

Review: Interrobang?

Any question you want answered, on the spot. Here’s one: should you see this show?

Review: Spontaneous Broadway

A highly enjoyable musical impro show with a strong and original format.

Review: Baby Wants Candy

Competant compedy impro, but disappointing on a number of levels