Review: Public Domain

At 65 minutes it’s worth anyone’s time and emphatically money.

Review: Rebel Boob

What happens when your life as you know it stops, and then starts again.

Review: Fen

A stunning play beautifully revived by one who knows it intimately.

Review: The Archive of Educated Hearts

A glimpse into the lives of four women, through photographs, stories, and voice overs which catalogue their personal reflections along the path to living fully and letting go.

Review: Blackout

Graphic treatise on the dangers of substance abuse – in this case alcohol.

Review: Notes From the Field

What makes this harrowing selection work is how Smith varies, gradates and paces her interviews; and builds a climax. It renders the experience a memorial; it’s what such artistry’s for. You will experience nothing like this and leave reeling.

Review: Minefield

Minefield is for its unique and singularly consummate exploration of its themes, outstanding, in a class apart from any show you’ll see, perhaps even of Arias. Her work must be acknowledged here now.

Review: Old Boy

Entrancing, delightful and honest portrayal of manly relationships and their value in a world where cynicism holds sway.

Review: One Mississippi

Four men explore their mental wellbeing in a challenging verbatim performance that is never less than honest

Review: Cathy

Challenging theatre that asks big questions about the current state of housing and homelessness in the UK

Review: Prison Psychologist

A dark, intense and intimate story of love and tragedy. Worth getting up early for...

Review: Hotter

Two women embarking on a battle against embarrassment

Review: Bella Freak

A verbatim condemnation of how you disappear once you are pronounced as special.

Review: Committee

This edgy new development, faithful to one incident, marks a more than worthwhile variation on such larger works as London Road. It’s more illuminating than the history it sheds music on.

Review: Motherhood:(Un)speakable, (Un)spoken

Ninety seconds into this newly-revised one-woman play, Joanna Rosenfeld - emerging in a poke of fingers from a cagoule of brown paper - over-voices herself giving witness to tens of verbatim experiences we hear. This tells us the baby’s a parasite, sucks all your nutrients, calcium from your teeth for instance, causes injury, often permanent, can kill. This is - literally - epic interior theatre.

Review: Glasgow Girls

Even on fictive terms this would garner praise for its raw power, its beating passion for justice and humanity. Difficult as it might be not to come away warmed this ensemble – and original musical – make it so very easy. This needs to be everywhere and should be shown if not live, then screened.

Review: Still Here

“If you have the media - please tell to all the people of nation about my country; Is very important.”

Review: Pigs and Dogs

In a quarter-hour we’re struck with a rich and head-spinning narrative of how same-sex culture’s been oppressed first by the west and now through European language. You end up stopping in outraged disbelief at this virulent legacy of colonialism. If you can’t see it, read it.

Review: Strap-on

Role-play gets out of hand and into the courts..

Review: Sex, Strokes, Death, Denial

Jack Duffel's new play mixes extreme naturalism with verse in a play creatively probing death and displacement in the family

Review: Cheque Please

A refreshingly different view of living with depression.

Review: Tube Spotting

The story of one man, his helpers, 270 stations and a word record

Review: Travesti

A excellentl piece of verbatim theatre

Review: The 56

A fascinating and disturbing verbatim theatre account of the Bradford City fire

Review: The Love Project

A gentle and amusing verbatim show about love

Review: Nirbhaya

A form of Witness theatre takes the audience through a powerfully emotional journey exploring rape and violence towards women; women around the world are given a voice through the fearless honesty of these performers.

Review: Three to Four Days

This was a thought provoking, heartfelt attempt, through Verbatim theatre, to articulate urgent sociological issues around current issues with NHS cuts and privatisation.

Review: Beats by Kieran Hurley

An evocative psychedelic techno narrative of the rave phenomenon

Review: Ali J

A one man show that straddles two nations; all from an internal monologue