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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Mummy’s Gone a Bit Parental

Harriet Beveridge

Genre: Comedy, Solo Show, Stand-Up

Venue: Greenside


Low Down

Is it ok to Febreze your child? To go to school dressing-up day as a tequila shot girl? Does going to The Lego Movie classify as a good night out? Is your child getting enough Cath Kidston casual wear? Funny Women UK semi-finalist and author of spoof nanny book Turnip-Led Weaning explores the agonising dilemmas which can turn anyone a bit parental.


This was a well-paced, well written confident debut show professionally delivered.  Stand-up comedy is a ferociously difficult and competitive arena and Harriet holds her own, making her show look relaxed and fresh.

It was a bit at odds in its venue and perhaps needed to be somewhere where more comedy stand up is happening to receive more critical feedback but saying that the audience enjoyed it greatly and on the way out I heard someone say “I laughed more at that than comedy I’ve watched on the telly…best thing I watched this Fringe”

A middle class Mummy from Bath with a mouth more filthy than a toddlers hand puppet we are treated to the truth about parenting…the audience giggled and cheered throughout…the show full enough to keep their attention engaged.

We recognised ourselves in the sleep deprived half hysterical anecdotes retold with quick fire wit and funny impressions. The rounded narrative of her mother was intelligent as well as hilarious and the way this wrapped itself around and through the show was well written. Harriet Beveridge is a skilful impersonator and I would love to see her do more of this.

I look forward to seeing her next year as she refines her craft, engages more personally with the audience, takes more risks and plays with more improvisation within her show.

The power of comedy is engaging the audience to identify with the comic and their material and Harriet delivers. Her impressions are great and could become a more central feature. In terms of writing, delivery, pace and narrative this is an Edinburgh debut to be proud of. A very good first show and I look forward to seeing more of this emerging female stand-up comedian.