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Edinburgh Fringe 2019


Jacqueline Haigh

Genre: Comedy, Fringe Theatre, One Person Show, Solo Show

Venue: Sweet Venues


Low Down

A peek behind the velvet curtain! Hilarious one-woman sitcom based on Jacqueline Haigh’s true experiences working as a receptionist in a tantric massage parlour.


A solo show written and performed by Jacqueline Haigh, telling the story of when she worked as a receptionist at a Tantric Massage parlour, and how she got there. Haigh plays the different characters in her story. We meet Goddess Isis and Aphrodite, learn about Yoni and Lingam massage and the art of a spiritual hand job.  We have a deliciously squirmy scene of the attempts to experience the multi orgasmic G spot. A few sequins, a whiff of incense, the background soothing OMs in a wave of Indian chanting can transform any damp basement flat into a Palace of Pleasure. Right?

We have all had those kind of jobs when money is tight and the rent is due. This was a fun reminder of the importance of these weird and wonderful experiences to shape us and help us grow. Even when it’s not the right path, there’s lots to learn on the way. Haigh brings to life the awkwardness and also the female solidarity and grace. A true Goddess doesn’t need sequins, it’s how they pick themselves up from failure that makes them shine. 

Haigh is a gifted storyteller, the audience warmed to her straight away and she kept the room engaged and entertained throughout. This was a balanced performance, not too long nor too much to digest. Haigh’s skill here is in the edit, in the show and not just the tell. The well timed comedy pace, together with snappy sharp writing and artful direction worked well to create a warm and enjoyable Fringe comedy show. A professional show that came together well and has landed in Edinburgh fully formed. 

I loved this show, I was fully immersed in the story and I really wanted to see what happened next. And what a great plot twist! The audience, myself included, laughed throughout this brilliant piece of Fringe comedy gold. A warm and engaging performance from Haigh. Relatable and charming this is a show worth watching.