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We do not review all fringe theatre around the world.
There is too much of it and we are too small.
Here are our current and most recent review categories:

Reviews from Hollywood Fringe (now over for 2019) are going live here

Reviews from Ludlow Fringe (now over for 2019)  are going live here

We’ll soon be reviewing at the Latitude Festival

Reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe will go live here

Reviews from Camden Fringe will go live here

We recently covered  Adelaide Fringe

We also cover London the rest of the UK year-round

We also review year-round in Scotland

Read our reviews from Brighton Fringe and the Brighton Festival (now over for 2019)

We regularly review at Prague Fringe (now over for 2019)

We review each year at San Francisco Fringe (now over for 2018)

We were recently reviewing for the first time at Singapore Fringe (now over for 2019)

For all of our reviews, use the drop-down menu on the top left of this page.