Are we bystanders?: Kate Saffin talks to Andre Skeete and Adrian Jackson of Cardboard Citizens


Described as ‘Shocking stories (and wild speculations) about the lives and deaths of homeless people’ Bystanders weaves the stories of a Windrush generation boxer, a Polish migrant marked with a tattoo and a man with a bottle of gin and a television in his shopping trolley into a powerful piece of theatre that asks: are we mere bystanders?



Andre Skeete talks about how he came to join Cardboard Citizens, and Adrian Jackson about how he came to create the company – 27 years ago, not expecting it to become his life! And both talk about creating Bystanders…

Listen to our interview with Cardboard Citizens

However, it was lunchtime and everyone had places to get to so we didn’t get to talk about the campaign they are running during the Fringe, to improve lives for people experiencing homelessness in Edinburgh (or wherever you are).

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