Kate Saffin talks to Maria Montague about 1930s Ukrainian playwright Mykola Kulish

Maklena is the world premiere of the English translation of Ukarinian playwright, Mykola Kulish, last play written in 1933. It was first performed in front of secret service agents; he was arrested in 1934 and later executed. Very little of his work survives. Translator and director, Maria Montague, talks about Kulish’s work and how she […]

Lost in Blue: Kate Saffin talks to storyteller Debs Newbold

A man, deep in a coma, hides out in the bedroom of Vincent Van Gogh while his teenage daughter struggles to understand her part in the accident that put him there. Paintings, pigeon racing and a family about to implode meet in this vital, gripping story, told using innovative sound technology and gate-crashed by Vincent […]

Rural touring: Kate Saffin talks to Ralph Lister of the National Rural Touring Forum

Rural touring schemes work with voluntary promoting groups (village hall committes, pubs, local schools, church halls, community groups) to bring professional performing companies and artists to perform in their village or community venue. Ralph talks about the work of the forum in providing an umbrella organisation for local networks and the resource available to help […]

About death (mostly): Kate Saffin talks to Dr Phil Hammond

Dr Phil Hammond is a passionate and outspoken supporter of the NHS. And, co-incidentally, a well known comedian. He has two shows in Edinburgh in 2016; here he talks about death (mostly), the value of the festival within the festival ‘Death on the Fringe’ and more widely about how the arts and healthcare can work together. […]

Death on the Fringe

Death on the Fringe is back at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017. Billed as “A series of thought-provoking shows at the Edinburgh Fringe”, this is a showcase of events and shows that explore different aspects of death and dying. And don’t expect it all to be dark and morbid. Death on the Fringe hosts shows from […]