Catchphrase Comminism

‘I believe in catchphrases’. This was the opening line of ‘The Godfather’. Or was it ‘I believe in America’. Yes it was that. But then the undertaker says ‘America has made my fortune’. America won’t make mine but catchphrases might.

Des Kapital has a few catchphrases but he’s always up for suggestions. So far Des has ‘Nish to see you to see you nish’, ‘What do work points make? Prizes!’ (Which is an obscure one about Communes in Mao’s China). ‘Didn’t she Orwell’? I like, which is a reference to George Orwell. He wrote 1984 and Animal Farm. But you can’t assume everyone knows that.

I wonder what percentage of the population do know George Orwell? I would guess 50%? I stumbled across a new catchphrase in the Brighton Fringe, “Have you lost the will to live yet?” which I bellowed during a song about Recreational Grounds in the Soviet Union in a song called ‘Andropov on a Swing’. Although when the audience reply in unison (and they were probably all members of Unison) “Yes!” I lost my nerve and wondered if they were joining in the fun or had actually lost the will to live. It’s best not to worry about these things.

With four days to go until my first show in Edinburgh there is still time to work on some more. Or I could just stop the show and read The Godfather to them. Or George Orwell. George Oh Well.