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I want to see … at Hollywood Fringe

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I want to see…

… Shakespeare meets Monty Python in this hilarious comedy of errors. Then see MacDeath!

… a  heart-warming true story of one man’s journey of self-discovery. Then see Coming to Zimbabwe

… some political comedy. Then see Patriot Act

… some absurdist theatre. Then see Uterine Affairs

… something exploring the idea of religion, fate, and the purpose of life. Then see Revelation

… some improvised Sci-fi. Then see The Improvised Generation

… a tale of women in war. Then see Night Witches

… an improvised musical. Then see Mad Lib! The Musical

… a show about Richard Pryor. Then see Pryor Truth

… some powerful, edgy theatre. Then see Surge

…  a light-hearted, toe tapping, family friendly dance comedy. Then see Office Beat – A Tap Dance Comedy

… something exploring and involving Virtual Reality. Then see Hello World

… some solo female theatre. Then see Artichoke Hearts

… a one-hour dramatic interpretation of sonnets, prose, poetic verse and quotes by great writers around the world. Then see Timeless

… some horror. Then see Not Another Horror Story

… a murder mystery where you decide the ending. Then see Happy No Year

… A hilarious night of new dark comedy shorts on life, love, hate and human imbecility. Then see Theatre and Chill?

… an immersive theatrical experience. Then see The Truth

… something about money and greed. Then see One Step Over

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Andrea Schel (Writer and performer) from Santa Monica Rep talks about Sexy Maus

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Visit the Company web site


What’s the theme of your show?

Solo performer Andrea Schell went on vacation last year to immerse herself in European art, architecture, culture and to find herself. What she ended up doing was immersing herself in European men. And what she found was her Sexy Maus.

This is a story of triumph over the past and the beautiful, ridiculous, hilarious, and life changing things that can happen when you finally listen to your own wants and desires and act on them.

Describe one of your rehearsals.

Writing and rehearsing are a lot of times the same thing for me. About a week ago, as I was rehearsing, I came up with a random line and realized that one line was what the entire damn show was about. It was one of those, “holy crap! this is what I have been trying to get to this whole time” moments.

What’s new or unique about the show?:

When I have seen shows about sexual awakenings in the past, often I did not feel like I could relate to it. Like it was too raunchy or just didn’t land. I have done everything I can to make this show as honest and relatable as possible. It’s a show that goes far beyond the “you go girl” aspect of a sexual awakening and gets into what that is really like and what that really means.

How did the show come into being?

Last year, I went to Europe and ended up sleeping with 8 men in 3 weeks – which was way out of my sexual wheelhouse. I had to tell the story.

How is the show developing? We had our preview last Saturday in the Hollywood Fringe and the audience frickin’ loved it! From that performance, I learned that the jokes do work. I learned that there are points where I need to make sure I am connected to the audience and continue to develop the “I’m telling you a hilarious story around a campfire” feel that the director and I have been working on this whole time. In my rehearsal yesterday, preparing for the opening, I had several great moments of connecting with the story in a new way – like “Oh that’s what I’m trying to say there!” I’m excited to do in front of a new audience and see their reaction.

How has the writer been involved? Or describe the process of creating this work.

I am the writer! So yes! I really wanted to write this piece but was avoiding it like crazy, because it’s very personal. Then I signed up for Fringe and had to write it. It’s very interesting that it is so funny because the tears I have shed while writing this piece were many.

How have you experimented?

To speak to the crying I did while writing this comedic piece, this is where I really made sure to let myself go and not try to stop it or make it be anything different. A lot of the work I do is character based so doing this straight first person narrative was way challenging for me. Just sitting with my personal feelings, not masked in a character, was really intense and has been very rewarding.

What are your favourite shows, and why?

I think many solo performers would say Search for Signs, and anything by Anne Deveare Smith and also Ruby Wax. I am also a fan of Lauren Weedman. These women are all very honest in their performances, relatable as hell, present and full of life. They are inspiring.

Show dates, times and booking info:

Saturday, June 11th @ 12:30PM
Sunday, June 12th @2:00PM
Saturday, June 18th @ 8PM
Sunday, June 19th @2:00PM (father’s day!)
Saturday, June 25th @ 10:00PM
The Sacred Fools Studio
1076 Lillian Way
The Studio
Los Angeles, CA 90038

More booking and info here



Bob DeRosa, playwright, talks about All The Best Killers Are Librarians

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What’s the theme of your show?

Sometimes we have inner gifts that differ from the things that bring us happiness. What is the best path? Should we honour our gift? Or follow our heart? Is there a way to do both?

Describe one of your rehearsals.

Most of the show had been performed in a serialized version so the cast was already familiar with the work. Our director Alicia Conway Rock would reset the blocking of a scene and then ask questions that inspire the actors to look at their characters in new and interesting ways. Then they run it over and over until everyone’s exhausted and goes home.

What’s new or unique about the show?

Our show blends broad comedy, crazy fight scenes, and true pathos into a cocktail of yumminess. We want people to laugh like hell and be amazed by the fights and then before they know it, they’re having an emotional reaction they didn’t see coming.

How did the show come into being?

We originally performed the show in “Serial Killers” at Sacred Fools, a late-night show where ongoing serials are performed once a week, with the audience “killing” two shows every week. To keep doing new episodes, you had to impress the audience. The show has playoffs at the end of the season where 16 popular shows are whittled down to one champion and last season, the show’s tenth, we WON! Doing the Hollywood Fringe seemed like the next logical step for us.

How is the show developing?

The big challenge has been taking seven serialized episodes and blending them into an hour-long show. It’s a fast show and every actor has a cool arc to play so getting all that to work together in just under an hour has been a lot of work, but worth it.

How has the writer been involved? Or describe the process of creating this work.

I’ve been at every rehearsal. We have a small team so I’m doing some stage-manager type stuff, just helping our director as much as I can. I love actors and the way their minds work, so when they trim a line or add a bit, I’m there to give the thumbs up and I almost always do. I think until you open a show like ours is an organic work of art that will (and should) evolve.

How have you experimented?

Our actors are so gifted. They bring new ideas and bits to every rehearsal. It’s like we’re all concocting a delicious dinner and everyone brings a different ingredient and we cook it up every night. We’re practising, looking for the ultimate tasting menu, and I think we found it!

What are your favourite shows, and why? I know I’m biased but Serial Killer is not only a great show but it’s also a fantastic playground for creatives to experiment with new work in front of an audience with the ultimate power to let a writer know if it’s working or not. It’s really special.

More details and booking here.

Sunday 6/5 8 pm (preview)
Friday 6/10 8:30 pm
Wednesday 6/15 10:30 pm
Saturday 6/18 4 pm
Saturday 6/25 3:30 pm

Sacred Fools (Second Stage) 6320 Santa Monica Blvd



World Premiere of Lolita, Daisy, Ophelia: A Love Story at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2016

P 3362 i 4329776

Devised, experimental, physical theatre production Lolita, Daisy, Ophelia: A Love Story debuts at the Hollywood Fringe Festival June 10, 2016

Three notable female characters, Lolita, Daisy and Ophelia, who are the objects, rather than the subjects, of their own stories, meet in the present day and work together to rediscover and reclaim their own narrative voices.

When these women are given their own voices and allowed to take up space — physically, verbally, mentally, spiritually and emotionally — when they weren’t allowed to do so in their “own” stories, what will they discover? And what will we…?

Devised and performed by The Moirai Theater Company: Leah Artenian, Sophia Brackenridge, and Savannah Gilmore

Complex Theatres (Ruby Theatre) 6476 Santa Monica Blvd.
Tickets are $12 at http://hff16.org/3362

Opens: June 10, 2016
Closes June 19, 2016

Friday, June 10 (10pm)
Thursday, June 16 (8:30pm)
Sunday, June 19 (6:30pm)

Learn More at http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/3362