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Brighton Fringe Keyword Chaos

Words, words, words …

Keyword Chaos

We trawl through the Fringe programme, previews and press releases and are pulling out phrases and sentences that intrigue, inspire and interest us. We link that to the performers’ track records of work. So, use your intuition and click on a phrase that piques your own curiousity and perhaps you’ll find a show you want to see…

How it works: Click on a phrase to find a recommended show…

“exposes the truth behind the financial crisis of 2008. It was all down to him, if he did it.”

“an original story that combines the harsh realities of modern day life in the Middle East with the magic and fantasy of an Arabian fairy tale”

” banished from the family kitchen, but relocated to the shed, imagination and resourcefulness leads him to build an improvised kitchen there instead”

You are cordially invited to a most unusual, mechanically achieved execution – death by means of a complex machine designed and constructed in a nightmare

“His addictive escapes have finally lost him his wife, right as he loses his employment. He enters his dressing-room for the last time, confesses to the audience and confronts his memories, mistakes and misdeeds – either to their conclusion, or his own.”

“Climate change is massive. Bees aren’t? Our fuzzy little friends need our help and so we’re launching a political party disguised as a party party, disguised as a show.”

“Come and explore a patchwork of life in the Welsh mountains, where bees, bomb disposal and autism are all wrapped-up in folk music to squeeze your senses.”

We’ll be adding more phrases in the run up to, and throughout the Fringe.

We experimented with this show-finding tool at Edinburgh Fringe a few years and got some positive feedback.

The FringeReview team are collecting together short phrases from shows’ listings in the Fringe programme or their press releases.

All the shows below are recommended as worth seeing by FringeReview but not based on reviews and PR – simply based on some intuition from the words, words, words… so bw warned but also be inspired.

All you have to go on is the phrase that leapt out at us. Which ones leap out at you? Scroll over the phrase and follow the link to reveal the show and, perhaps, follow that gut instinct and book a ticket…