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Broadway Lounge

Bar Broadway

Broadway Lounge
10 Steine Street
East Sussex

There are a decent number of events at the Broadway Lounge this Fringe. It’s a venue that has been establishing itself as a main fringe venue for a few years. offering cabaret and a bit of music and theatre.

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I want to see…


This is our intuitive show-finding tool for The Broadway Lounge.

I want to see…

… a late afternoon show – either cabaret, opera or comedy. Then see The Five O’Clock Show

… a dark comedy. Then see Bomb Sex

… a one-act play about Laurel and Hardy. Then see Another Fine Mess

… a legendary, controversial cabaret act. Then see Frank Sanazi in Ze Bunker With You

…  an hour of fun-packed, Stand-up comedy. Then see Can You Put This in the Bin For Me?

… a “show full of sparkling stupidity, music, comedy and costumes galore.” Then see The Dress Rehearsal

We’ll be adding more previews, interviews and recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.