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The Brunswick

The Brunswick

The Brunswick offers a decent selection odfmusic, cabaret and a bit of comedy during the Fringe.

Attached to a fine pub, you can grab a drink, a bite to eat and a show all during the same visit.

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Writer, Director, Performer Paul Diello talks about Epicene 

What’s the theme of your show?

Epicene is a gender blending celebration of iconic women in music. I intertwine tales of childhood outcastings and social misfitery (growing up in the 80’s/90’s with gender confusion) with a soundtrack of music (performed live by an 8 piece band) by the female artists I grew up obsessed with (Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Joni Mitchell, Bjork and many more).

What’s new or unique about the show?

It’s a musical performance presented in a cabaret style with elements of theatre and film. It’s full of nostalgia and melancholy but packed with humor and self deprecation. It’s a story of a personal journey through gender and music that has something for everyone. It is presented by members of the LGBTQ+ community for members of the LGBTQ+ performance as well as as it’s allies and lovers of music! The music is also some of the best songs ever written and we’ve completely rearranged it to take on new life.

How did the show come into being?

After releasing two solo albums and touring across the UK, Europe and America between 2009-2015 I decided to take a year out to live in Berlin and get inspiration for a new project: I wanted to create something other than my own music. I knew I wanted to tell my story of growing up in the 80’s/90’s with gender confusion in some way and the idea of presenting it alongside new arrangements of the songs that sound-tracked my life at the time came to me when I worked on a cover of Sade’s No Ordinary Love.

Describe one of your rehearsals.

The rehearsals are divided between vocals, rhythm section and strings until we’ve all learned our parts and then I bring everyone together in the last few weeks before the show. Vocal and string rehearsals are done at my house and are usually very fun with bottles of wine, lots of laughing and singing harmonies until the wee hours! Rhythm rehearsals are pretty full on as we are building the structures to the songs, we work right through four hours at least and take no breaks but they’re always really productive. I’m very lucky to have a great team of dedicated musicians to work with. When we all come together it’s always so great to see everyone’s faces hearing the other parts for the first time!

How is the show developing?

This is the second version of Epicene. We performed it for the first time at last year’s Brighton Fringe and have toured it round a bit. Now in it’s second year at Fringe we’ve changed the set list, added new stories and new videos. It’s developing well and we’re all really excited to share the new version.

How has the writer been involved?

I wrote the show myself and I’m involved with every aspect of it. Choosing the set list, the musical arrangements, costume, script, direction, promo artwork, marketing etc!

How have you experimented?

The whole show feels like an experiment to some degree, coming from a background as an originals musician, playing covers and presenting them in this way is new for me and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull it off or even get as much out of it creatively but thankfully I’ve loved every minute of it and audiences seem to be totally on board too.
This time around we’re experimenting with some different song choices, we’ve added a brass section and a dancer which given the size of the stage will be cosy!

Where do your ideas come from?

I registered Epicene with Brighton Fringe last year before I even had a show, I knew roughly what the message was and what some of the songs were but that was it. I kept putting off writing the whole show until it all came to me one night as I was just off to bed, instead I sat at the laptop, poured a Morgan’s Spiced and Diet Coke and sat there until 6am and wrote the whole thing in one go.
The ideas for this new version have been popping up each time we’ve done the show, things come to me mid show or shortly after that I’d like to add or take away from the show.

How do your challenge yourself or yourselves?

A lot of the songs we’re performing are really well known, well loved songs by some of the best musical acts in the world. It is a real challenge to rearrange them and present them in a fresh new way so they can take on a new character in the story that I’m telling whilst still meaning something special to the audience. It’s a challenge that I very much enjoy though!

What are your future plans for the show ?

I want to take it all over the world. We’ve taken it to a few places in the UK and we’ll be performing parts of it at this year’s Brighton Pride. Next year I plan for Edinburgh Fringe, I want to take it everywhere and spread the message of the performance.

What are your favourite shows, and why?

I’m a massive music fan so anything with a musical element will peak my interest. Hannah Brackenbury’s Fringe show Victorious in which she sings the songs of Victoria Wood is one I’m really looking forward to.

Show dates, times and booking info: May 26th/27th at The Brunswick, Holland Road, Hove.
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Company web site: http://www.pauldiello.com