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Now over for 2018. Details for 2019 coming soon. Our 2018 coverage is below.

“Dublin Fringe Festival is home to bold ideas, brave performing arts and adventurous audiences.”

FringeReview is delighted to be covering Dublin Fringe Festival for the first time.

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Here’s an A to Z of all the shows

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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Heart, Home and Homelessness: Emma Plotkin talks to Grainne O Carroll about The PeopleSway

I want to see … at Dublin Fringe Festival


Here is our quirky but highly useful show-finding tool…

I want to see…

… a new play, an unflinching exploration of the Irish psyche. Then see Ireland’s Call

… some dark. stand-up comedy. Then see Drowning

… a photography exhibition. Then see Epoch

… aerial stunts, high-octane voguing, explosive vocals and spoken word. Then see Caged

… an award-winning performance about violence and intimacy. Then see Cock Cock … Who’s There?

… some theatre, a dark comedy LGBTI-themed play. Then see Drip Feed

… an interactive show about the spaces we live in now and the spaces we desire. Then see Everything Can Be Dismantled

… a debut play. Then see For Saoirise

… some spoken word. Then see Boy Child

… a sinister dance-theatre production for young adults. Then see Fable

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Dublin Fringe Festival Link Collage

Here’s another way to choose a show at Dublin Fringe Festival.

Use your instincts and click on an image that draws you and you can reveal the show behind the image.

Then start booking…

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We’ll be growing our link colleage in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Dublin Fringe Festival Keyword Chaos


We’ve selected evocative phrases from the fringe programme.

Click on the ones that intrigue you and you might just find the show you need to see…

“A surreal underwater experience about trying to be grown-up and wishing you were seahorse.”

“Over one long weekend, they are forced to make a choice that will affect their lives forever.”

“Step inside the cage, the door is wide open…”

“Stumbling through a city falling down, a past that won’t let go, to a future he never planned. Walls come tumbling, past and present collide on this rollercoaster ride through a life and city on the brink of… something.”

“Spend the money on whatever you want. Be as creative as you like. Just keep within the law.”

“This is performance, this is action, this is ongoing. We need your presence, let us negotiate.”

It’s raining outside and he’s stuck indoors; Ma’s restocking the industrial-sized pill cabinet, Da’s in the pub, Martin’s doing laps of the garden, Marv is missing and Mump can see a gorilla in the hall.”

“Dublin becomes a space for action that offers transformative and collective exchanges.”

We’ll be adding more keyword chaos recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.