Brighton Festival

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Brighton Festival 2011


The Wire’s Dominic West stars in the latest Simon Gray revival destined for the West End

Cow Piece/Cheap Lecture

Mind-bending – or mind-numbing? – meditation on the boundaries between music and dance

El Gallo

Five go mad for the music (and end up singing in their y-fronts) in this tragic-comic ‘opera for actors’

I Came By Myself to a Crowded Place

This slight but atmospheric piece uses optical technology to tell the plaintive tale of a missed tryst

It’s About Time: 35 Minutes/Time After Time

A double-bill on the subject of time that made every second count

Midsummer – a play with songs

An enjoyable, light evening of entertainment, tinged with pathos

Monsters and Prodigies

An interesting if somewhat confused look at the strange world of the castrati

The Growing Room

The final instalment in Rachel Blackman’s acclaimed one-woman trilogy about the struggle to love

The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church

A poignant and exhilarating journey from laughter to curiosity to nothing less than hope in human kind!

The Lady of Burma

A well written and finely acted portrayal of the life of Aung San Suu Kyi

Tiburon Tigre

The audience must do a good deal of dot connecting in this intimate piece of theatre staged in a kitchen