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Brighton Festival 2017


A simple, disarming story of balance and tradition undone by cutting edge science and technology - delivered by cutting edge Virtual Reality technology - that leaves us questioning the complexity and unintended consequences of progress.

Democracy Debate: What Comes Next?

Brighton loves democracy, but does democracy love Brighton?


Big, bold, beautiful, baffling.

Five Short Blasts

A sound-meditation on the water

For The Birds

An impressive nocturnal avian experience.

If I Could I Would

A lighthearted acrobatic delight

Now you see it

A rich and spellbindingly disconcerting piece of physical theatre, which captures the looping, cyclical, ordered chaos of our lives.

Plan B for Utopia

With its low tech props, starkly minimal staging, and exquisite performance, Clevillé has constructed a piece that teeters between being hilarious, heart breaking, and intensely hopeful.

Raising Lazarus

A thought provoking and original show that is both funny and hard hitting

Songs for the End of the World

Post-Apocalyptic Political Pop Play


Uproarious “kamikaze cabaret” history of Brighton Theatre Royal told through song and amusing anecdotes.

The Comedy of Errors

As excellent outdoor theatre it approaches the quality of the Globe and others on tour. Most important, it never clutters, direction supremely clear in this most tangled of works. In imagination and reach they’re already consummate; they’ll doubtless vie with the Globe On Tour soon. And there’s that tang of the time to savour, uniquely theirs.

The Gabriel Trilogy

The Apple and Gabriel sequences are outstanding. Nelson stands apart. Seven plays in seven years seems of a piece, resonating now more movingly and terribly than they did when premiering in the exact moment. Despite himself Nelson has prophesied in The Gabriel Trilogy things he didn’t want to pass. It’s an extraordinary achievement.

Under The Skin

The iconic film, with a live orchestra playing the score