Brighton Fringe

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Brighton Fringe 2016

Blues and Burlesque

Blues and Burlesque: Pete Saunders, strikes whilst the iron is hot, calling on the seductress Ivy Paige to host an evening of sultry blues, bawdy comedy and strip tease

Bom-Banimals at Bom-Bane’s Restaurant

A new up close and extremely personal musical experience from Jane Bom-bane's famous restaurant.

Dusty Limits: Grin

Dusty Limits resents his first album of original work written with the brilliant Michael Roulston


Showstopping numbers stud this heartwarming, touching new play with numbers by Liz Tait.


"well worth seeing"

Oliver Meech: When Magic & Food Collide

an enjoyable hour of food and magic

Women’s Hour

A hilarious and crazy hour of feminist theatre