Brighton Fringe

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Brighton Fringe 2017

Cabaret from the Shadows

A mind bending, thought provoking feast for the soul!

David Hoyle

A Compelling and Heart Wrenching Explosion of Love

Fall of Duty

Not so much another First War narrative but a parallel rediscovery of singalong music, song and dance, stars and tears in their eyes. Tightness of video, the engagement of audience and extremely well-counterpointed denouement makes this a memorable show. And did I mention the Childs can sing?

Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer: The Chap-Hop Decade

Returning to his roots, festival fave and Brighton’s own Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer celebrated 10 years of the musical genre he founded, Chap Hop. 

Tina C’s President -C

Witty, wonderful and warming politics meets drag queen meets country a tent on an intersection.