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Brighton Year-Round 2024

ACT Playwriting Course

Mark Burgess and his students should feel immensely satisfied. And of course the students themselves divinely dissatisfied as they develop their craft.

An Officer and a Gentleman

What brings this musical home is the drawing-together of threads that hang loose in Act One. And finally you believe in a story that doesn’t flinch from darkness and sings its distress. Thoroughly enjoyable.

And Then There Were None

This is the finest Christie production I can remember. If you’re not a Christie fan, do see this anyway: it’s far more than a whodunnit.

As You Like It

A first-rate outdoor revival, and easily rivalling what the Globe have to offer.

Cluedo 2

The last ten minutes in particular are the silliest stuff: which is why it works. Soon more of the show will tighten and we’ll see that quality retro-fit.

Coming Clean

A must-see for anyone interested in the theatre of the past 40-odd years.


This superb revival suggests Constellations will certainly travel for a long time.

Drop the Dead Donkey: The Reawakening

This is as fresh as an AI paint set, and far more transgressive than the original. The fizziest, most outrageous assault on common decency since – I’ll leave it to the gibbons. A must-see.

Experiment With an Air Pump

One of the stand-out NVT productions of recent years. A must-see.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Philip Ayckbourn’s songs are the heart of this collection. It’d be thrilling to see a full musical here; and staged in London. Enthusiastically recommended, there’s gems, with more of Ayckbourn’s elegiac sensibility than I’ve ever seen. More of this please.


Assured, idiomatic performances. And Martin McDonagh’s distinction resonates in a manner peculiar to him alone. A must-see for anyone in Sussex.


It’s a phenomenal feat and even if you know Macbeth, it’s still a must-see for how a quintessence can be dusted off.

Muswell Hill

Cook and team have shown commendable disregard for comfortable options, sharing a rediscovery.

Neil Crossland Piano Recital, Unitarian Church, New Road Brighton

All in all an outstanding recital. Neil Crossland’s piano recital at the Unitarian Church is again on another level


You’re not going to see anything this special in most (if any) revivals, however luxury-cast. In stripping-back, then regrowing a complete ensemble with even lesser songs, this is the most complete Oliver! we’re likely to see.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Will haunt NVT’s Studio as much as it will you.


Destined to be a riveting play in Kay’s late-emerging canon.


All I can repeat is: see it.

Sao Paulo Dance Company

Sao Paulo Dance Company


The Forgotten Female Rulers of England

Sister Act

In short, a fabulous example of British talent, now endangered, bringing quadruple threat to a magnificent production. Not all such mainstream shows on tour even approach outstanding, but this truly is.

Sleeping Beauty

If you care for ballet and you’re not in Covent Garden every month, see this.

St Nicholas Duo Brikcius 2 Cello Recital

Overall a richly satisfying recital, letting us into worlds and sonorities, ways of listening to some music we knew, and much we didn’t, that I’d love to hear again. Superb.

St Nicholas Louis-Viktor Bak Piano Recital

An exceptionally distinguished recital. We’re lucky to have Louis-Viktor Bak, and the Petroff piano might just tempt him – and others – to return.

St Nicholas Richard Bowen Guitar Recital

Recommended for languorous afternoons such as the burst of May outside.

St Nicholas Simon Carrey Fauré and Chaminade Recital

Simon Carrey is an exquisite and deeply-musical pianist, wholly in tune with Fauré. I’d love to have heard two hours of him, with an interval.

Sussex Musicians Club Unitarian Church

Another unique evening, of revelatory and unfamiliar music.

Taking Care of Baby

Exemplary performances and production: with Charly Sommers outstanding as a woman hollowed out by everyone she knows. An auspicious full-length debut for Neil Hadley.

The Kite Runner

Spellbindingly translated to the stage and here with more power even than before. Don’t miss it.

The Woman in Black

As fine a touring production as you’re likely to see

Until We Sleep

Until We Sleep


This is the greatest one-man performance I’ve seen, said a Chekhov-immersed director of 45 years’ experience next to me. Yes.