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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

17 Minutes

Quietly Devastating, Brilliantly Acted Drama


Tomcaintheatre A very worthy piece of theatre on the effects of a tragedy that still resonates today.


An entertaining farce set in a brothel with quality performances by its three-strong cast

Beautiful Evil Things

Edinburgh Fringe stalwarts spellbindingly rework the Iliad

Blood of the Lamb

Death Does Not Become Her

Dark Noon

A Staggering Achievement

Debating Extinction

It is a beautiful, delicate sapling that, with some gardening, will no doubt grow into a strong Oak under the capable hands of the Torch Ensemble. 

Did You Eat?

The combined talents of Kim and Yejin are a force to be reckoned with, and it is hard not to feel while watching that we are seeing the beginnings of a potentially legendary partnership.

For Better, For Worse

A decent family drama in the shadow of momentous national decision making.

Ginzel’s Little Cordoba: A Double Bill

World premiere from Rena Brannan

Heaven by Eugene O’Brien

A middle-aged couple go to a wedding, but there’s so much more going on

JM Coetzee’s Life & Times of Michael K

Beautifully adapted, directed, performed and designed - masterful puppetry, poignant and meaningful.

Letter to Boddah

Two angry men with explosive plans - a gripping drama.

May Contain Traces of Nuts

A worthy attempt at showing the conflict within young people around gender, the future and all the stuff your parents warned you about.

Shadow Boxing

Intense and human story - very well acted.

Soldiers of Tomorrow

Fighting for your homeland - what makes you stay or leave.

The Ghost of a Smile

A charming ghostly tale

The Grand Old Opera House Hotel

An absolute blast with gags galore, soaring operatic arias and great performances

The Society for New Cuisine

A Creepy, Thoughtful Thriller

The Standard Short Long Drop

Nothing Standard Whatsoever About This Superb New Play

Things Hidden Since The Foundation Of The World

A scintillating play of ideas about the internet and its impact on what we know and how we know it

Vita and Virginia

An exceptional piece of theatre about two exceptional artists.