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#AIWW The Arrest of Ai WeiWei

Brenton powerfully concertinas a continent’s politics and one artist’s refraction of it. Wong is outstanding

15 Heroines: 15 Monologues Adapted from Ovid

Groundbreaking. The smallest producing theatre in the West End through lockdown has become the largest.

A Feast for the Senses! Creative, Imaginative and Heartfelt – Christmas Carol by Manual Cinema

Creative Imaginative and Heartfelt visual storytelling - theatre, shadow puppets, original live music!

A Kiss From Back Home

A solo performance that brings effectively to the stage the soulful disappointment of a lost relationship.

A Manual of Fantastical Zoology

An entertaining musing on what lockdown may have done to us, as creatures.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

With Baum’s direction they and we discover new thresholds, new anatomies

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This surely is the greatest Dream since Peter Brook’s landmark 1970 production.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Might be the finest Globe Dream

A Separate Peace

Stoppard looks at society’s phantom limb ethic. Even when it’s gone it aches, and it aches to have someone opting out.

A Series of Metaphors About A Plague

A serious and fascinating use of meeting technology to examine both theatre and the use of connection in this new modern world.

A Small Gathering

A triptych of solos, presented from people stuck in their houses who dare us to join in their creative deliciousness in an imaginative, terrifying and fantastic manner.

A Streetcar Named Desire

A landmark production


A subtle and highly effective reawakening of a woman who always was.


In the most spectacular production imaginable, Lucian Msamati’s supremely crafted lead sets off the quicksilver of his rival Adam Gillen.


Did I say sucker-punch? It’s what the Orange Tree do every time.

An Ice Thing to Say

Being Human in the Anthropocene

Andrew Lloyd-Webber 50th Birthday Live from the Royal Albert Hall, 1998

The great discovery was the multi-roling Marcus Lovett, sexy and lethal, able to attack several roles and convince you he was born for them, even into them.

Antony and Cleopatra

Supremely worth it to see a pair so famous weighing equal in their own balance, perhaps for the first time.

At the Ghostlight

Two theatrical legends talk plague and contagion and not being on a stage

Barber Shop Chronicles

Barber Shop Chronicles is a breath-taking revelation for those of us who had small inkling of a world in miniature.

Beauty and the Beast

Nothing so convincing has been done with this legend. It deserves many revivals.

Black Shuck

An engrossing hour in the company of two scallywags involved in a modern smuggling tale that goes wrong and right by the end.

By Jeeves!

A thoroughly enjoyable period-style musical.


Easily the finest production we’ll get

Comics in Quarantine Solving Problems

An Englishman and an American join forces to solve your's and the World's problems


A fascinating take on a fast paced modern play that truly picks apart the commercialization of our employee status.


A Coriolanus memorable for politics sinewed with personal forces: an active interrogation of democracy. And in Josie Rourke’s production Tom Hiddleston’s someone riven by intimations of his true self


Imagination rules when you need to find a creative solution – with an orange!


One of the most important productions since lockdown.

Cyprus Avenue

Devastating drama about the DNA of bigotry played as surreal farce.

Death of England: Delroy

Renders huge black experience into a narrative that bears it, because so well-constructed, so character-driven and so inhabited by Michael Balogun whose blaze of awakening is both benediction and clarion.

Desperately Seeking The Exit

The notorious tale of the making and unmaking of Peter Marino's West End-Blondie-Madonna musical “Desperately Seeking Susan”

Drawing the Line

Terrific, a harrowing education.


A pulsating tale of a mental breakdown in a gig theatre piece that works on all levels.


A visual journey round a building where dreams are explored where our only guide is the soundscape in our ears.


A very impressive self filmed and performed allegory of the threat posed by those who try to invade our gardens and rule the roost.


The acting scales cliff-edges of unreason. One remembers the scale of betrayal and loss of redemption


Imaginative, Exquisitely Haunting and Moving - Visual Storytelling at its best!

Frankenstein (alternate version)

The acting scales cliff-edges of unreason. One remembers the scale of betrayal and loss of redemption. Benedict Cumberbatch here is Frankenstein, Jonny Lee Miller the Creature. The alternate version aired first is still available.

From Henry VI Part 3 to Romeo and Juliet

Join and revel – they’re not anywhere near ended.

Funny and interactive kids’ magic show with Magic Gareth

Magic Gareth zooms into family living rooms to engage and mystify kids

Good Girl

A solo piece that takes us through sexual awakening in a explorative and honest portrayal of waking up as a teenage woman from finding the itch, to seriously scratching it.


A scorching autobiographical tale of abuse that manages to tell us the story of the abused as well as introduce us to the teacher responsible.


An intriguing few minutes of a short performance followed by the workshop that created it and which you can use to create your own growth spurt.


In Michelle Terry’s quicksilver, quick-quipping Hamlet, much has been proved, from interpretive to gender fluidity in tragic action, that sets a privilege on being in at a beginning.

Henry IV Part 1

Here the shadows fall the more convincingly to join with those chimes at midnight in Henry IV/2.

Henry IV Part 2

An alert, dark-hued production. We have heard the chimes at midnight


Poignant music compliments a compelling fable with strong imagery


An effective cabaret style run at the issues facing women in the 21st century with a popular theatrical style of the previous century which entertains is unsure of itself.

I am falling in love with you and it’s making me do stupid things

A brilliant solo piece in lockdown showing a woman looking for love, who thinks she may have found it, but then are we thinking she is after THE man or hedging her bets?

I and You

Will leave you in a heap and wonder what else Lauren Gunderson has written that comes near this.

I told my mum I was going on an RE trip

A verbatim run around the issues of terminations with the voices of young people who know, which does touch you as a parent and reminds you of the responsibility of parenthood.

In Her Shadows

An enticing and haunting exploration of living with a mental health condition that excels in its ability to make the claustrophobic nature of mental ill health clear.

In Praise of Love

There’s no reason not to see this rare gem

In Someone Else’s Shoes

An original and intriguing run round some of the familiar Edinburgh landscape denied to us because of the pandemic now a delicious backdrop to the effects on the people.

Inside This Box

Showcases future names and above all is defiant with hope and agency


A desperate portrait of the strain of the absence from a mother of her child during the pandemic.

Jane Eyre

You’ll never see a better adaptation of this classic

Jesus Christ, Superstar

A sovereign production, unlikely to be equalled for the foreseeable

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

A salutary reminder of how a great musical talent and collaboration started

Just Like Giving Blood

Upton’s notches of logic are nudged with brilliance, the actual narrative a granular run-up to an enormous yes.

King John

A tedious brief tragedy? King John is fun… It’s been said.

Lament for Sheku Bayou

An astonishing story lamented and told in an extraordinary fashion that resonates and poetically demands change.

Les Blancs

A superb realization of Lorraine Hansberry's unfinished masterpiece - a classic of Ibsenite proportions

Love Love Love

Epic eavesdropping casts that ultimate spell: reading ourselves by flashes of lightning.

Love Never Dies

One of the most fascinating dark-hued musicals Lloyd-Webber’s written

Magic Gareth

A wonderful children’s half hour of magic and a big personality that is a delightfully child friendly experience


Compelling devised theatre - creative, dynamic and humourous!


A series of exploratory monologues that really make you think about the value of gender


A novel adaptation with plenty of twists in its telling

One Man, Two Guvnors

Outstanding. An immediate comic classic.

Phnom Penh – 40 Years On From The Khmer Rouge

An extraordinarily assured debut

Rebus: The Lockdown Blues

A complex and impressive study of one iconic literary figure dealing with an iconoclastic time in his kitchen.

Richard II

Do see this.

Rockets and Blue Lights

A paean to endurance, love, and wrenched freedoms.

Romeo and Juliet

Completeness is just one reason to cherish this clean-driven clear-headed production

San Francisco Fringe Festival 2020 Sneak Peek!

Catch a taste of what's to come at the 2021 San Francisco Fringe Festival!

Shoe Lady

Katherine Parkinson inhabits that breaking through the office crust asphyxiating us

Show Up Kids

Tickle-your-fancy interactive kids show

Siddhartha’s Stone

An intriguing visual take on the Herman Hesse book of the same name.


An intriguing character monologue about being attractive in an ugly world.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

A unique take on the isolation foisted on all of us

Small Island

A reboot for the future, a passport for change.

Strange Rocks

A wholly theatrical exploration of what finding a body on a shore might contemplatively lead you to consider.

Sunset Boulevard

A classic film in a theatrical homage which retains the sparkle of the original and adds exceptional performances onstage to add to the spectacle.

The Bacchae

A wonderful classical treat from the students of the RCS.

The Bavard Bar

Ted Talks for ordinary people

The Bus Stop

A tale of complaint that is a terrific reminder of all of our responsibilities.

The Deep Blue Sea

Helen McCrory plumbs the erotic despair of Hester Collyer’s abandoned woman in this absorbing revival of Rattigan’s masterpiece.

The Donkey and the Rooster

An online story for young people that has all the elements of a classic experience that delights, informs and entertains in equal measure.

The Lock Down Show

Fast paced sketch comedy for a global audience

The Madness of George III

This magnificent revival poses even more urgent questions. A twitch on the thread for all of us.

The Merchant of Venice

A fleet traversal memorable for insights the company bring during and after their performance of it

The Merry Wives of Windsor

One of the two most cogent, most fun Merry Wives of recent years.

The Merry Wives of Windsor

A joyful fleet production, a more-than-rough magic. What renders OFS unique is their fearlessness: a humour and zest to tear into buried Shakespeare, read the entrails.

The Mikvah Project

Still a brave and beautiful play.

The Odyssey

A stupendous undertaking

The Phantom of the Opera

The Albert Hall’s sovereign production, unlikely to be surpassed particularly with the special encore.

The Ruins of Empires

A fantastical run through the falls of Empires and how we, as subjects, can and should rise up and take the advantages back for the common good.

The Skin Game

Treat this as a wonderful premiere you’ve not had to stir for.

The Sound of Music

Phenomenal singing all round. A more than solid recommendation for that alone.

The Spanish Tragedy

The OFS are taking flight with the best scratch nights the Elizabethans never had.

The Two Noble Kinsmen

We’re looking at a bright Book of Hours. Barrie Rutter’s done it profound service, adding a warmth and agency that opens up this pageant. This is hopefully just the first of many such he’ll bring to the Globe.

The Understudy

Do catch it, and match the feelgood price with nudging theatres towards opening night.

The White Hart

Winner of an OnComm award from Off West End, another Upton triumph by stealth

The Winter’s Tale

Enjoy its slow burn miracles.

The Winter’s Tale

Far more than a curate’s egg, this production reveals things we’ve never seen

This House

Vibrant proof as to why it’s been called the play of the decade

Tiger Country

Tells us more truthfully then any play has, the heroism that hardens, the sacrifice that endures.

Treasure Island

First-rate theatre. In Joshua James’ Ben Gunn and above all Pasy Ferran’s Jim, we see stars rising quicker than Arthur Darvill’s superb Silver can point them out.

Twelfth Night

Tamsin Greig’s extremes as Malvolia mark the first intimations of the terrible and define this production. The ground’s shifted.


A well-presented clash of the incomer and the resident as someone comes to their new home to end it all.

User Not Found

A fascinating online exploration of what might happen when someone dies and leaves someone else in charge of their digital footprint.

Waiting for Hamlet

Everyone dies in the end.

Waiting for Hamlet

A delight for the ears as two haunting characters of Shakespeare’s Hamlet explore things Kingly before one makes his final, and first entrance.

We, The Lost Company, An Adaptation.

A delightful musing on water and the seaside that was engaging and intriguing.


Theatrically the most thrilling end to any Bartlett play


Outstanding. Surely the definitive study of the dignity of physical labour, and breaking of its amity.