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Fringe Online 2021

A Call to Care

A creatively choreographed homage to the essential work of an essential crew from an essentially creative part of our crafts


An astonishing performance of a personal journey that whispers in anger leads you to positives humanity throughout.

Adorable Dora

Consummate, the complete Dolly-d up experience.


A play gently subverting all expectations. Feeling Adventurous? You should.

Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday

A throwback performance to when Music Hall was King, Queen and Pearly Dreams.

An Evening With Flanders and Swann

A sovereign tribute. If you know Flanders and Swann, you’ll know Bednarczyk.

and breathe…

Yomi Sode’s hybrid theatre is a compelling immersion of witness and poetry: we need more of it.


A tender, beautifully pitched exploration of the individuality of a life, despite what illness may eventually steal.

Anton Chekhov

The nearest we’ll come to meeting Chekhov. In Pennington’s masterclass.


Dazzling: wise, clever twists about choice, male determination, and consequence.

Between the Cracks

Another hugely stimulating triple-hit from Creative Associates.

Black Diamonds and the Blue Brazil

An enticingly dramatic radio play which seeks successfully to bring the drama of lower league football to a much wider audience.

Branching Out

Three very fine and one outstanding work, Scratches – the best kind of play on depression, self-harm, black holes. Because it’s screamingly funny and deeply connected to why we do theatre.

Braw Tales

An innovative and bright response to the pandemic in cartoon and monologue that is as diverse as great to watch.

Cello on Fire

Stunningly beautiful music pushing the boundaries of the cello

Contemporary political ethics (or, how to cheat)

A subtle and effective examination of democracy from out of the mouths of the naïve and academic

Dazzling Divas

Issy Van Randwyck brings seven divas to life in this paean to tragic fulfilment.

Don’t Know Him From Adam

An interesting two hander well performed by a couple of experienced pros.


Writer/performer Hannah Kumari leaves you alert and exhilarated

Evening Conversations/Life Laundry

Engrossing, it should provoke. Sudha Bhuchar absolves us by being bloody funny.

Get Your Life Back

A theatrical take on reality TV infecting reality, itself.


The ultimate guilty pleasure, and not necessarily in a good way, as the slavery past of Glasgow is blown open in a gentile narrative manner

Hindu Times

A religious text for our times, told in the language of the now with universal messages.


A sumptuous run through 40 years of Black Britain that challenges and assures.


Don’t miss the chance to see this transcendent actor prove she possesses another dimension altogether.

How I Learned to Swim

Ends in a hush of absorption as you lean in for every word.


Its potency lies in a fine peeling apart by Adrian Lester and Danny Sapini, and the language that bridges it.

I am all the Rooms of the House

A domestic poem about what is in all of our experiences now, but with exceptional poetry to accompany and illuminate the mundane.

I Know The Truth

Immersive, provocative and meaningful!

I Wish My Life Were Like a Musical

Flawless, a stunning pocket-sized musical you really must see.


After all the gods and their lack of choice, we come to the final instalment, the human dimension. Where we have one. A heartfelt, satisfying finish.

Illusions of Liberty

A finely-calibrated solo play of what it’s like to enter that tunnel of near-undiagnosable but very real illness. Corinne Walker’s both authoritative and quicksilver. Do catch it.

Jew… ish

One of the wittiest but also truthful comedies about love, identity, sexual politics and gefilte fish I’ve seen


This haunting 45-minute tale is a superb small gem from Jermyn Street’s Footprints Festival.

Living Newspaper #3 Royal Court Theatre

Hot off Sloane Square a team of writers, actors and creatives twist the news to truth

Living Newspaper #4

We need this. Watch.

Living Newspaper #5

Like all the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper series, we need this. Watch.

Living Newspaper #6

Like all the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper series, we need this. Watch what this does with the future

Lockdown, Taboo and You

Four fine lockdown plays on zoom

Lone Flyer

An absorbing drama, absorbingly acted and produced.

Love in the Time of Corona

The finest drama to emerge from the pandemic

Mac and More

A consummate, intimate homage to theatre


A cross between cheerfully-spun recital and quicksilver treasury


An important play, tackling the deadly serious with laughter that all too easily could lead to stark tragedy.

Mr and Mrs Nobody

A warm-hearted yet sharp-witted peek at how the Pooter half live

New Moon Monologues April

As we saw in March, don’t be lulled by friendly colours and fluffy fonts. Queens of Cups again proves they’re a company to revel with and wait for heart-stopping reveals

Ode to Joyce

A gem of an incarnation.

On Arriving

On Arriving takes sixty minutes it seems we’ve been immersed in a Greek Tragedy of ninety. See it.


A terrific reinvention, bringing gods and heroines up from the death of myth to an altered world.


As with Inside, Outside not only fits us, they help us to move on, and become in their modest, unassuming and utterly transcendent way, part of how we learn to.

Pandora’s Jar/Honour Among Thebes

The most educative stand-up and a thrilling presentation. Oh and bloody funny on the tragedies.


Dazzling: wise, clever twists about choice, male determination, and consequence.

Plays for Today

A truly absorbing series. And free to stream on Soundcloud.


A true Pre-Raphaelite gem-lit recital.

Push and Pull

A quietly thrilling evening, after it goes off with a bang and a bear.


The most profound reinvention of this particular myth I’ve seen


A great festive tale, told with gusto and guile


As ever consummate, fine performances, and probing memorably into women Romantic poets


A revelation, superbly written and acted. Comparisons have been made with A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing. I can think of no higher praise either. You must see this.

Sallow Child

An excellent piece of radio drama of a folk tale that has an adult theme but also a childlike sensitivity what enchants throughout.

Sallow Child

An excellent piece of radio drama of a folk tale that has an adult theme but also a childlike sensitivity which enchants throughout.


A remarkable one-person play, performed to literal fever pitch by its creator.


A two handed exploration on the fear that comes from unknown calling.

Scaramouche Jones

Shane Ritchie’s phenomenal energy and slidings in and out of tongues, mesmerises.

Sci-Fi Poetry

Utterly refreshing, breaking new ground.


A beautiful film about a trio of people connected by relationships which resolves over time

Shark Week

An amusing and highly engaging short film about someone having to deal with their own menstruation.

Silver Feet

A fascinating dance piece which takes us through the feet sculpted around our guide.

Stay Awake, Jake

Once you tune in, you’ll be held all the way to Carlisle.

Still Life

A curious short film blend of choreography and couch surfing between two movement artists in Berlin and Montreal.

Sweet William

Naturally enriched by living with Shakespeare Michael Pennington unearths local habitations and names for him.

Tennis Elbow

An audio treat from a master of toying with your senses.

The Chosen Harem

A beautiful exploration on film of haram and sexuality.

The Fable of the Squirrel

A universal story without words for children about a squirrel who looks after a baby hedgehog.

The Girl Who Was Very Good at Lying

Andrews vividly conveys what it is to be an undone thing, someone unravelling tales to live.

The Love and War Trilogy

An enormously satisfying traversal

The Macbeths

A scintillating film of claustrophobic terror in the company of the most infamous fictional duo on the stage.

The Mahabharata

A dramatic sense of arrival the way the Odyssey here ended: a clash of even vaster ferocity, keening, treachery, humour, mischievousness, sacrifice and grief, joy and the agency of women.

The Mother Load

Three women, three pregnancies, three experiences, much laughter and revelation in a funny and engaging audio performance.

The Odyssey

As spellbinding as Circe and Calypso in one

The Peabody Chronicles

A delightful piece of online drama from an enchanting bunch of actors

The Rape of Lucrece

The definitive way to experience this troublingly great, disturbingly unresolved poem

The Shock of the Old

A wryly consummate musician.

The Water Cooler

A unique take on the problems of today which does manage to bring new perspective to the issue we face regarding race and mental wellbeing.

The Whole Shebang

See it again!

Thirteen Fragments

A fascinating poetic musing on the COVID pandemic focused on the resilient experience of women of colour, delivered with great panache.

Three Stages

Three musings on loss and bereavement beautifully captured in poetry, monologue and song.

Tom Lehrer

Another sovereign tribute. Stefan Bednarczyk brings Tom Lehrer swaggering out of retirement.  

Troy Story

Again the most educative stand-up and a thrilling presentation. Oh and bloody funny on war, male sexuality and the Bechdel Test.


A rights of passage story which manages to tell the salutary tale of enthusiasm over experience.

Two Horsemen

The glaring energy of this piece can’t disguise how it strikes profundity in its funny-bone.


How British society stereotypes Black masculinity.

Vagabonds My Phil Lynott Odyssey

An original off-kilter approach to elegy, tribute and becoming yourself.


Vespertilio marks Barry McStay’s emergence as a writer of distinction. Anything he writes now should be looked out for.

Walk of Shame

A slow burning expose of the shame we should feel at how we treat those who exercise the liberty we expect them to have

We are the lions Mr. Manager

A great revisiting of the 70’s in an agit prop retelling two hander, of a time past but a prejudice still present

Wilde Without the Boy

A jewel of inhabiting

Women on War

Exemplary, revelatory.

Yin Wee Ceilidh

Braw. Simply braw.