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3rd – 24th July 2019

Welcome to our coverage of Buxton Festival Fringe.

“Buxton Fringe began in 1980 to run concurrently with the world-renowned Buxton Festival, with international opera and high profile literary talks at its core. FRINGE40 in 2019 represents its 40th year with the event lasting three days longer than usual.

The Fringe goes from strength to strength each year and now has a respected and professional image with a full colour programme, reviews of all shows, awards and many artists using it as a preview before appearing at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Fringe provides a showcase for performers and artists of all kinds in a variety of venues. Dance, drama, music, poetry, comedy, film, exhibitions and magic are just some of the forms that have appeared – we welcome all genres.”

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I want to see… at Buxton Festival Fringe

Under Milk Wood (semi-skimmed) Are There More of You?

Here’s our unique guide to help you find a show to see at Buxton Festival Fringe. We’ve pulled out the popular, the weird and the eclectic. So, scan down and get booking!

I want to see…

…  a monologue play about love, loss, bravery… and hurtling down a hill in a matchbox with wheels. Then see Soapbox Racer

… a fusion of poetry, live music and audio. Then see A Beautiful Way to be Crazy

… a magic show. Then see Caspar Thomas: The Art of Close Up Magic

… am acclaimed one-woman comedy drama. Then see Are There More of You?

… Laurel and Hardy. Then see The Laurel and Hardy Cabaret

… some charming theatre for all the family. Then see The Red Balloon

… a solo comedy show with music. Then see ‘Despite Everything, Price Still Includes Biscuits’

… some surreal, absurd comedy/cabaret. Then see Twonkey’s Ten Year Twitch

… Moscow’s top satirical stand-up comedian. Then see Oleg Denisov: Russian Troll

… a  cabaret of storytelling, vaudeville and psychedelic folk. Then see New World Fayre

… a legendary solo version of Under Milk Wood. Then see Under MIlk Wood (Semi-skimmed)

… a theatrical adaptation of a classic. Then see Tom Jones: All the girls love a bastard!

… some top drawer biographical theatre. Then see Call Mr Robeson

… some short plays. Then see Taking Flight Short Play Festival

… an acclaimed stand-up comedian. Then see What Not

… two short plays. Then see Looking At Life – Two Short Comic Plays

… some award-winning spoken word. Then see Three One-Man Shows: Hitler, Shakespeare & Maugham

… a moving, immersive theatre piece depicting the impact of the First World War on a local family.. Then see Letters of War

… a comedy duo –  Stand-up spoken word from the Beat Generation. Then see The Glummer Twins: Just a Number

… Tommy Cooper. Then see Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show

… a comedy story about boxing. Then see James McNicholas: The Boxer

… some debut character comedy. Then see An Audience with Yasmine Day

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.


Buxton Festival Fringe Link Collage

A new visual way to explore Buxton Festival Fringe.

Simply click on an image to reveal details of a recommended show.

Follow your artistic instincts…

Tom Jones: All the girls love a bastard!  Picture

Gratiano Fern Hill and other Dylan Thomas credit: Dan Osborne

We’ll be adding more recommendations  for our link collage in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Keyword Chaos at Buxton Festival Fringe

Just An Ordinary Lawyer

Here is our quirky and intuitive way to find a show to see at Buxton Festival Fringe.

We’re trawling the program and pulling out intriguing and inspiring phrases from the show descriptions.

How it works: Click on a sentence or a phrase that draws you, and then get booking …

Join silver-tongued septuagenarian Sheridan Shacklethwaite on a lighthearted, thoroughly-researched, entirely made-up, alternative torch-lit tour of Poole’s Cavern.

A 19th Century princess and a 20th Century revolutionary are trapped in a fairy tale castle. Over a night of prayer, cards and violence, they confront each other and their own inner demons. By morning, only one of them is left.

trailblazing use of 3D audio with an all new experience that in each performance asks its audience to choose one of three terrifying tales to immerse themselves in.

A tragic and wonderful life that saw her rise from laundry girl to become one of the acting elite – although she was the only leading lady that was never allowed to kiss her leading man. This is her story, her search for identity, her hopes and fears and the personal sacrifices she made for the art that she loved.

tears through the curtain of manners to reveal the wildlife of neo-liberal Britain. An interrogation of masculinity, class, mental health, addiction and criminality; packed with dark humour and inventive wordplay.

A journey that will take you from Preston to Manchester – London to Glasgow and back. Enter the fiery heart of one of the most dangerous women, in history.

… quietly breaks through multiple barriers to become Britain’s first Black judge in 1978. Also a fine concert singer and keen cricket lover, he muses on international politics and history as they affect the Black world from Africa to the USA and Britain, from the point of view of one who would rather watch sports, and spread love and peace through the medium of song.

An abstract photographic love story with a live cool jazz trio, looselybased on the first 12 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot Cards.

When Ben meet Al, and Al meets Henry, that’s when everything changes. 

She was a woman so cut-throat and cold she would give Lady Macbeth a run for her money. Only, none of that is true. The way we view women in positions of power hasn’t changed much. Dress warmly to walk in cave.

A harrowing journey into the memories that haunt us and the moments that define us, Debris plunges you into a fever dream unlike any other. Featuring a stunning original score, and reality-bending Binaural soundscapes, Debris is not just a show. It’s an experience.

Two underdogs attempt to pull off a jewel heist and along the way find love, friendship and the fulfilment of dreams on the French Riviera. C’est si bon!

We’ll be adding more keyword chaos  recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.