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Guildford Fringe Festival

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Welcome to our coverage of Guildford Fringe Festival which runs from 28th June to 28th July 2019.

“Guildford Fringe Festival is one of the youngest Fringe Festivals in the world but with one of the biggest hearts! Guildford Fringe is an open access multi-arts festival in the heart of Guildford Town Centre which runs for the month of July every year In this historic and beautiful town Guildford Fringe Festival invites all artistic genres to get involved, it is literally open to everyone.”

We see a lot of fringe around the UK and this Fringe is a heady mix of local and work from further afield, some of which we have seen.

NEW! An interview with Nick Wyschna about Guildford Fringe Festival

(Paul Levy caught up with Nick in Brighton. Nick talks about the different types “fringe” in Guildford, how the fringe came into being as well as its successful development and future).

Listen to our interview with Nick Wyschna about Guildford Fringe Festival

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I want to see … at Guildford Festival Fringe


Our handy, intutive show-finding tool

I want to see…

… a solo murder mystery. Then see Forget Me Not – The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit

… a film and a meal. Then see Movie and a Meal: the Imitation Game

… some historical theatre – the story of the Victorian Music Hall. Then see Ghosts in Greasepaint

… some free opera. Then see Opera on the Balcony

… some boozy Shakespeare. Then see A Bard of Ale by Matt Pinchesny

… an evening of ridiculous rudeness and heavenly harmonies . Then see The Dirty Carols: Without a Parachute

… some a Cappella. Then see Academix A Cappella

… a comedy legend. Then see Arthur Smith: laughs, stories, a song and a poem

… a brand new show in which the performer asks some tough questions of himself and his place in the comedy industry and the world itself. Then see Tom Toal in Mediocre Boy

…, some new theatre,  a night of new writing curated by University of Surrey students. then see Understatement

…  work by a playwright noted for a keen-eyed view of human nature and its foibles and fancies. Then see Deckchairs by Jean McConnell

… some Alan Bennett. Then see Alan Bennett: Two One Act Plays

… some late evening storytelling/reading. then see Aunty Glory’s Porny Story Hour

… some family friendly story theatre. Then see Kōtuku and the Moon Child

… some surreal physical theatre. Then see Janet

… some improv comedy. Then see Thunderclap: Improvised Comedy

… an acclaimed cabaret show. Then see The Lock-In Cabaret

… a comedian who thinks he is a magician. Then see Danny Buckler: Three Tricks

… some afternoon outdoor Shakespeare. Then see Much Ado About Nothing

… a comedy hit we liked at Brighton Fringe. Then see 10 Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew. (Listen to our audio interview)

We’ll be adding more recommendations throughout the Fringe.

Guildford Fringe Link Collage

Here’s another way to choose a show at the Fringe.

Use your instincts and click on an image that draws you and you can reveal the show behind the image. Then get booking…




Look out for more recommended images throughout the Fringe.

Guildford Fringe Keyword Chaos

We’ve selected evocative phrases from the Guildford Fringe  programme.

Click on the ones that intrigue you and you might just find the show you need to see…

A comical musical journey complete with a dancing bear, wolf and buffalo.

Scarlet thought Alex was the man of her dreams – he might wear Noel Edmonds ties & tank tops, but with a little fixing-up? He could be a soul mate for the woman with flowers in her hair.

Step into the breach an unlikely pairing of characters, throw in a raft of colourful, varied characters and accompany the radio-style performances with live sound effects from a foley artist.

Are you ready for a night like no other? The thinking person’s variety night with comedy, science, research and music

They don’t know what this show is about yet, but it will be sillier, funnier and contain at least three boys.

An act unlike any other, where Opera meets West End and topical and irreverent humour abounds – their incredible vocals and musicianship are guaranteed to make you leave wanting more

We’ll be updating out keyword chaos throughout the Fringe.