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Fringe Review Briefing for Prague Fringe







Welcome to the review team for Prague Fringe.

Here are some essential briefing videos, audio recordings and documents to enable you to review for FringeReview. Please read, listen and watch them all.

You will also receive your username and password for posting reviews by separate email.

You book tickets to review shows directly with the Prague Fringe office.

You post your reviews directly to the FringeReview web site.

Here are our standards

Thank you so much for being part of the review team. We wish you a fulfilling and enjoyable time at the Fringe.

best wishes

Paul Levy and The FringeReview Team

Key Resources

Our review ratings are explained here.

Our main resource page is here for reference.

Are you ready to post a review? Watch this video. (Please note the form you fill in to post a review can look different on different devices but all of the main fields on the form will be there.)

This is the process of a less than recommended show. Read here

Here is a template for a typical review.

The core standard for a FringeReview is to be as objective as possible, with evidence-based reviews. This isn’t about your personal judgement primarily, it is about your attempt to assess this work, objectivity, based on your experience in the theatre world.