Review: Dawn Again: A Rap Opera

Elliot has a problem: two girlfriends, both giving birth on the same day in the same hospital

Review: The Impresario

A light Opera which touches upon big ambitions in a perfect and evocative rendering of a long forgotten time.

Review: Amadeus

In the most spectacular production imaginable, Lucian Msamati’s supremely crafted lead sets off the quicksilver of his rival Adam Gillen.

Review: We Are In Time

A heart jumping exploration of transplants with a majesty of the music at its heart and a subtle theatricality expanding it all

Review: Lucia di Lammermoor

This is a stunning pocket-sized opera-house quality Lucia. You won’t find a better-sung, more affecting Donizetti this year.

Review: The Rape of Lucretia

Far from being just timely, this Grimeborn production reinvents how we might feel about this troubling, disturbed and absolutely contemporary piece in a time of #Me Too.

Review: 4.48 Psychosis

An outstandingly imaginative, fearless recreation of Kane’s testament in another medium. It triumphs and is easily the most remarkable, necessary opera to have been produced in years.

Review: BambinO

A delight for babies and adults alike

Review: Amadeus

In the most spectacular production imaginable, the antagonisms between the black-suited and marzipan fight it out in this extraordinary sumptuous and consummately musical production. Far from seeming out of place, Adam Gillen’s Young Ones-style shrilling brat with his technicolour frock-coats seems almost more attuned than Salieri to his milieu. It’s naturally the corresponding gravity this production looks to though: Lucian Msmati’s supremely crafted lead sets off the quicksilver of his rival to an unprecedented extent.

Review: Opera Mouse

Opera through the eyes of a mercurial and very determined mouse.

Review: Counting Sheep

A must see agit prop performance overflowing with vitality and commitment.

Review: The Threepenny Opera

A coming-of-age for Rufus Norris, a wholly credible, cheekily interventionist Threepenny Opera with a few devastating critiques

Review: Dido and Aeneas

Captivating interpretation by a company that’s clearly going places.

Review: The Future for Beginners

An intriguing premise and excellent performances. You will leave smiling.

Review: The Pirates of Penzance

A very impressive production from a young company

Review: Mozart – The Impresario

Rare outing for one of Mozart’s less well known pieces.

Review: Through the Looking Screen

Hundreds of friends and no one to come home to. Annabel is trying to land her perfect match.

Review: Carmen

A new version of this wonderful opera given a lively production in English.

Review: The Zoo

Forty five minutes of fun involving four knitted tarts and a couple of pears

Review: Dido and Aeneas

Opera in the grand setting of one of Edinburgh’s finest New Town kirks

Review: Monsters and Prodigies

An interesting if somewhat confused look at the strange world of the castrati

Review: El Gallo

Five go mad for the music (and end up singing in their y-fronts) in this tragic-comic ‘opera for actors’