Review: The Lighthouse

An enthusiastic and personal attempt to take the issues around mental ill health and produce the idea that all shall be all right in the end, as it was.

Review: 97+

Tomcaintheatre A very worthy piece of theatre on the effects of a tragedy that still resonates today.

Review: Esther’s Revenge

Moving and incredibly powerful - A must see! Representation for Esther Ada Johnson, based on true life events.

Review: Strike!

An important work, not just for historical reasons; you’ll leave cheering.

Review: And Then They Came For Me

A multi-genre piece that can play anywhere, and needed now more than ever. Both to challenge denialists and most of all to illustrate the inhumanity of governments like ours towards refugees

Review: Farm Hall

A stunningly confident debut. My outstanding play of the year so far.

Review: Caitlin

A fascinating insight into the story of a woman who should never have been a walk on part in anyone’s drama

Review: Look no hands

A fascinating tale, a great bike and a glimpse into an unusual manifestation of PTSD

Review: Cicely and David

An intriguing glimpse into the friendship that started the modern hospice movement (and is a fund raiser for the Hospices of Hope - Ukraine Appeal)

Review: On Arriving

On Arriving takes sixty minutes it seems we’ve been immersed in a Greek Tragedy of ninety. See it.

Review: The Lady in the Van

Sarah Mann and her company will surely return with this gem of transubstantiation.

Review: {BLANK}

Compelling and bleakly miraculous

Review: Toast

A quietly magical production that knows its own truth and serves it hot.

Review: Myra

Uncomfortable confrontation with a murderess.

Review: My Mum’s a Twat

A one woman show, using her teenage voice to tell the story of being rejected by her Mum who chose a powerful cult over her family.

Review: Taboo

A chilling glimpse into the world of a little known but influential woman from the Nazi era.

Review: Inside Bitch

Visceral and sometimes very very funny. Then not. Essential viewing.

Review: Enough

A violent attack on the social norms which drive self-harm in its many and varied forms.

Review: KillyMuck

A brilliant and brutal portrayal of the inequity and generational desperation of the Benefits Class

Review: Fast

A true story told with skill, passion and tremendous attention to detail (you'll get the shivers)