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We are delighted to welcome our regular bloggers in Edinburgh and Scotland, year-round and during the Fringe.

They share their thoughts and experiences, offering unique insights into the world of theatre and arts-making.

Our Year-Round Scottish Reviewer

Donald Stewart’s blog – year-round and now focused on the Fringe in Edinburgh.

Below are our guest bloggers archive.

We will soon be welcoming our 2018 bloggers for Edinburgh Fringe. 


Our first guest blog for 2018 comes from Jolie Booth from Kriya Arts

Read Jolie’s blog:  Sisterhood – A play that is requesting I step up





Peter Michael Marino joins us again with a guest blog Showing Up for Kids, a children’s version of his sell-out show last year at the Fringe, Show Up. (Listen to Peter talking about that here).




We welcome Ross Drury from Living Record  who shares his reflections on bringing Thrown by Jodi Gray to the Edinburgh Fringe 2018… Read his guest blog Into the Pink Folds of the Fringe Festival Brain.





We are delighted to welcome  our guest bloger Natalie Cutler who bringe Not Yet Suffragette to the Fringe. Read it here:  Hello Ed Fringe 2018 . . . Welcome to The Year Of The Woman




Emma Plotkin, reviewer and theatre maker, joins our team. Hailing from upstate New York, do keep in touch with Emma Plotkin: The Fringe Beyond the Fringe.


2017 Guest Blogs…

GUEST BLOG for the final week 2017





Gavin Lind, comedian with his solo show Mediocre as F*ck joins us for the final week and beyond. Read Gavin’s blog here.






The Actor-Poet

Gavin Robertson returns, with his new blog, It’s A-comin’ up fast…







The International Theatre Maker

And we are delighted to welcome new blogger, Peter Michael Marino, with his new blog Showing Up Without a Clue

The Producer

Theatremaker and producer, Jolie Booth, shares her reflections on Producing a show for the British Council Showcase

The Improviser, Director and Performer

Andrew Allen shares his guest blog … Cast Iron Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017






The Artist-Performer and Free Fringe show maker

Walter de Forest creates theatre and portraits in tandem at the Fringe. Here’s his fascinating blog, Art in your heART by #vgfy

More bloggers will be joining iu in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

2016 Guest Blogs

Hip at the Fringe – the guest blog from Jolie Booth and Kriya Arts

Ashrow Talent Management: Back in Edinburgh, Searching for ‘Troublesome People’ – insights into an acting agency up at the Fringe –


Operation EdinburghSpun Glass Theatre’s Fringe Blog

Megaphone: A Guest Blog at Edinburgh Fringe by Chris Hislop

The Bechdel Test at the Edinburgh Fringe – An important piece of research at the Edinburgh Fringe from Bechdel Theatre


In the Company of Gavin Robertson

Gavin is back with a new blog and and two shows, The Six-Sided Man. and the other, an exciting new comedy piece is intriguingly titled: Escape from the Planet of the Day that Time Forgot.

2015 Guest Blogs


Always Distracted – the guest blog of Cast Iron Theatre and Iron Clad Improv founder, Andrew Allen


Go Interactive – Live Games at the Fringe – our comedy guest blogger is Tommy Croft from Jollyboat.

heather1 FringeReviewAd2015

Tasty Monster’s Tempting Tidbits – bringing a new children’s theatre show to the Fringe, Heather Bagnall and Luke Tudball share their fringe journey

We’ll be adding more bloggers in the run up to the Fringe.

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