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Death on the Fringe


Death on the Fringe is a series of shows and events looking at death and dying which takes place during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe each year – a festival within a festival.

Some events are serious, some are comical – but they all make you think about what it means to live well and die well.

It is run by Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief, a group of organisations working to promote more openness about death, dying and bereavement in Scotland. The campaign’s aim is to make people aware of ways to live with death, dying and bereavement and help them feel better equipped to support each other through those difficult times.”

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Three early recommendations.

Here are our reviewers early choices…

I Run

i run square

A Danish one-man play about running and grief. A dad loses his six-year old daughter to cancer and starts running to deal with his loss. He runs on a treadmill throughout the entire performance.


The Three Deaths of Ebony Black

A critically acclaimed puppet musical, inspired by a neuroscientist.


The Chosen

World premiere tour of the new show from Scotland’s acclaimed Company Chordelia, The Chosen is a deeply personal reflection on how we experience the time left to us. Created and directed by Kally Lloyd-Jones, The Chosen is an intensely moving dance piece about dying and embracing the art of living. How do we choose to live in the face of the inevitable and how do we think about the final stage of our life cycle? Increasingly, as medicine advances, knowledge of imminent death has become a reality for everyone.  A reference to The Rite of Spring, the “Chosen One” is to be sacrificed, but also revered and honoured – Company Chordelia’s The Chosen addresses our mortality from the shifting perspectives of ourselves and our loved ones.

We’ll be adding previews, interviews, features and recommendations during the Fringe.