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Fringe Trailers

There are thousands of press releases, posters and flyers inviting you to see a show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Here we have selected trailers that, on the basis of the trailer alone, intrigue us. We don’t guarantee to go and see those show but, who knows…?

First up is a theatre piece called, (Ab)solution from Jackrill Productions.

“Three brothers go to confession, each admitting sins against the same woman. Michael is a family man and secret sex addict. Alec is a mummy’s boy confused about his sexuality. Ryan is a rebel who has anger issues and a drug dependency. Michael and Ryan add fuel to their existing sibling rivalry with Alec when he introduces the free-spirited Fiona as his girlfriend, leading to dire consequences. Secrets are revealed and family loyalty is tested in this dark drama about lust, guilt, jealousy and deceit.”

Before 30 looks very interesting and a bit different, from Tom Hartwell.

“Before 30 follows Chris, a Deliveroo driver trying to make his way in the world. His previous struggles with depression and anxiety resurface as he faces the prospect of turning 30, comparing himself to his grandad who seemingly achieved life’s milestones so easily. This true-to-home one-man show tells a surreal and honest story about mental health that any age can relate to. Told across twelve chapters and combining elements of visual story telling, direct address, multi-rolling, spoken word and stand-up comedy.”

Next up is Fishbowl from Stories in Theatre Productions, which plays the Pleasance Grand. It is billed as “the hilarious misadventures of three eccentric and lovable anti-heroes crammed in their wacky rooftop bedsits. The funniest show in Europe comes to Edinburgh after a sell-out tour. Molière Award for Best Comedy Play. Physical comedy extravaganza! Paper-thin walls barely separate three neighbours who strike up unlikely and moving friendships. The show packs a punch with technical genius, an incredibly realistic set, and tricks and surprises that shock and delight audiences. “

We’ll be adding more trailers each day in the run up to, and during the Fringe.