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Our Team (as of July 2010)
 Name About the Reviewer  Image
Andrew Allen Andrew also writes for Latest 7 Magazine and  an actor, director writer, stand up comedian, improviser, and theatre teacher. He was a co-founder of the Accidentally/On Purpose and Interlopers improv comedy groups.  
Emma Baxter Emma Baxter is an actor, with TV and theatre experience. She graduated from East 15 and has worked with Theatre Tours International.She is currently touring with Cabinets of Curiousity.  
Alice Booth Alice Booth has worked in theatre production, as a producer with Rational Madness, Actors of Dionysus and also works for Arts Agenda. She is a co-founder of FringeReview.  
Jade Blue Jade Blue founded Tarry Theatre several yeara ago, teaches physical theatre and is currently working with George Dillon and Remarkable Arts.  
Nick Brice Nick Brice is founder and director of the Carol Tambor award-winning, and Fringe First nominated White Room Theatre’s Bite SizedPlays. He has been acting and directing for over twenty years.  
Rebecca Carey Rebecca Carey, based in Edinburgh has expertise in dance and physical performance She has also written for Running in Heels.  
Benjamin Carr Ben Carr (pseudonym) is a London and Brighton based actor with long experience as a performer and writer on theatre.  
Benet Catty Benet Catty is an award-winning theatre director and playwright. Amongst others, he directed six productions at the Edinburgh Festival of which three won London fringe transfers and four featured on multiple Critics Choice lists  
Skye Crawford Skye Crawford is General Manager at the King’s Head Theatre London as well as London Editor for FringeReview. She is also a columnist for Aussie Theatre, and has produced the award-nominated Recycled Dreams.  
George Dillon George Dillon is one of the UK’s finest and most acclaimed actors, who has staged many five star Edinburgh Fringe one man shows, including Graft and The Gospel of Matthew. ““Graft blow-torches the facade off the acting world and is stunningly executed by the genius of George Dillon.” The List  
Elizabeth Edmonds Lizzie Edmonds reviews for us regularly in Edinburgh and Leeds and is a stalwart member of our team  
Mike Fitzgerald Mike Fitzgerald lives in Amsterdam, and has a distinguished background in Arts Academia. He regularly reviews for us in Edinburgh and is about to join our Amsterdam team.  
Richard Franklin Richard Franklin has a long career in theatre and television and reviews for us in Edinburgh and London.Find him on IMDB.  
Jayne Gross Jayne Gross has worked for the Everyman Theatre as well as Assembly. She has reviewed for us for several years.  
James Hamilton James Hamilton is director of Casual Violence Comedy and is a theatremaker based in Brighton. He’s new to the team focusing on sketch comedy.  
Mark Katz Mark Katz (not reviewing in Edinburgh this year) has long experience as an actor, on television as well as performing regularly for the Treason Show.  
Darran Laine Based in Brighton, Darran has seen a lot of theatre over the years. Recently performing in a promenade production in Shoreham Brighton he is also an accomplished musician.  
David Lavender David Lavender once worked with the Brighton Actor’s Theatre, was artistic director of Komedia for many years, and is an acclaimed director.  
Frey Le Maistre Frey was part of the sell-out Death By Chocolate and is a regular member of our London review team. He is an accomplished actor.  
Jane Lesley Jane Lesley is co-founder of MokitaGrit and has worked as an actor for many years.  
Paul Levy Paul Levy is the founder of FringeReview, director of award-winning Rational Madness Theatre.  
Josie Melia Josie Melia is an active member of New Writing South, writer of the acclaimed “What Would Helen Mirren Do, as well as many other professionally staged works.  
Vicky Nangle Vicky Nangle, our comedy expert, writes for the Latest 7 in Brighton and is a stand-up comedian as well!  
Lucy Nordberg Lucy brought King Arthur to the 2009 Fringe (and it is back this year) as is an accomplished writer for the stage.  
Charles Palliser Charles Palliser is a best selling author and has reviewed theatre for the Observer as well as having his theatre work staged on BBC radio.  
Jenny Rowe Jenny Rowe is an active member of Maydays, the reknowned Improv Comedy troupe.  
Kate Schutte Katy Schutte is, among other things, the “Katy” in culy improv group “Katy and Rach”, (alongside award-winning Rachel Blackman)  
Tamsin Shasha Tamsin Shasha is founder of, and performer with Actors of Dionysis  
David Sheppeard David Sheppeard co-founded PInk Fringe and currently works at the Nightingale Theatre Brighton as well as producing his own Arts Council funded work  
Clare Simpson Clare Simpson is a long standing member of our review team with much theatre experience. She lives in Edinburgh
Brina Stinehelfer Brina is based in Berlin, and has her own experimental performance company, producing highly acclaimed work all over the world.  
Rebecca Tay Rebecca Tay, based in Oxford, is a regular member of our team and works in performance and theatre.  
Bella Todd Bella is a journalist, with specialism in theatre and arts, and writes regularly for The Guardian and Time Out.  
Richard T. Watson Richard T. Watson is a stalwart member of our reviewing team, reviewing across the genres.  
Tim Wilcock Tim Wilcock reviews all year round for FringeReview, often specialising in Scottish Theatre. He is based in Scotland.  
Holly Williams Holly Williams is another stalwart member of our team with specialism in theatre reviews.  
Nicky Woolf Nicky, based in York and London, has written about theatre for several years and is a regular member of our review team though, this year, he’s off to India!  
Jonathan Young Jonathan is founder and theatremaker and performer with the acclaimed Shams Theatre.  
Hannah Clark Hannah Clark is a new member of our review team with enthusiastic interest in the performance field, and experience in theatre production.  
Chris Hislop Chris Hislop writes comedy, is a stand-up expert and theatre maker and producer with Castles in the Sky Productions  
 Phoebe Ladenburg Phoebe is a new member of our team with experience in theatre writing and production  
 Althea Stentiford
 Althea, based in Edinburgh has an arts CV as long as your arm, and brings rich experience to our review team.