How to Put Flyers Down Onto a Table and More Strange Flyering Tips

All you need to know about the much neglected art of putting flyers into flat surfaces and other angles of attack …

(Warning: May contain humour)

Vertical flyering is done standing up. The flyerer and the flyeree are both on their feet. It takes place mostly on the streets, and occasionally in queues and crowds. There’s a skill to doing it well and there are plenty of articles on how to do it.

Less well covered is horizontal flyering. This is where you place a flyer onto a horizontal service such as a cafe table, This is a much more problematic area as tables that people are sitting at have become temporary territory for the people sitting at them. It is their “space” and that last thing you want to do is put someone off your show by making them feel invaded or that you are just downright presumptuous and rude. It’s vital to read what kind of people are sitting at tables. Are they likely to be pissed off or interested. A lot can be told from initial eye contact.

Here are some practical tips for flyering on occupied horizontal surfaces.

There’s a lot of good advice around about flyering your show. Here are a few more eclectic but also practical tips for ensuring your little glossies find a welcome home in the hands of potential audience members.

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 1: Never have a huge wad of flyers in your hand – never more than twenty – don’t let the quantity make you look desperate

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 2: if someone is walking past you with their hands open, be open in word, gesture and stance; hold your hand out and GIVE AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 3: There’s nothing more appealing to mediocre people than a mediocre smile; recognise mediocre people and adapt to them, Mediocrity is fine. We don’t all have to be as loud as you feel at the Fringe. Recognise and embrace diversity.

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 4: Only two things matter on a flyer when you’re outdoors; the image, and the genre; only the title if it’s truly original

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 5: If someone is striding past you, appear to melt away, then launch yourself at them at the last minute with full vigour

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 6: If someone isn’t giving you any eye contact, offer them the flyer with an enthusiastic gesture, but also no eye contact

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 7: As you lean or step towards someone as you give out a flyer, hold it upside down, turn it over only at the last moment

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 8 : Always make eye contact on the name of your show when talking about it to the public; only on the name of your show

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 9 : When you give out a flyer, as someone tries to take it, hold onto it tightly for a half a second before letting it go with a hint of reluctance, a microscopic, hardly notieceable, momentary tug of war

STRANGE FLYERING TIP 10: The most successful flyering is done silently, with measured eye contact and authentic smiles; if speaking, never moremore than twelve words.