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Adelaide Fringe 2015

Food, Sex, Booze and dance

Red Fez Concepts

Genre: Burlesque

Venue: Crown and Sceptre Hotel


Low Down

We are taken through a series of burlesque acts where the cheeky personality of the performers shine through, while eating a meal designed to accompany the performance. Hence the title of the show, "Food sex booze and dance".


I’ve previously reviewed another burlesque show. My main critique of that show was that all the bits in between the dance acts were lacking, as though they didn’t really count.

This show was different. It was a complete show. It had the humour and polish that made it more than a burlesque show; it made it entertainment.

We are welcomed by friendly door staff who provide us with a glass of sparkling rose as an accompaniment to the show. The MC was Eva Marie Sinner (where do they get these names?). She is described in the menu that accompanies the performance as having  "the dangerous charm of a 1950s Hitchcock femme fatale". That is a fairly apt description. She carries the show with her wit and charm and is ably supported by the pianist Jean Jacques Pierre Francois Le Coq, who banters with her throughout the show with a series of double entendres.

In addition to the cheeky personalities of the dancers we encounter that little bit extra that makes a performance special. In this case it was  the "stage kitties". Two lovely ladies who went by the names of  Stiletto Star and Moisty Magic who wore cat ears and tails throughout the night.

For me Moisty was the special part of the show. She had that captivating "je ne sais quoi" that made her presence hypnotic. Although she was a support to the acts, she was a part of the whole that made it more than a series of individual burlesque dance acts.

In total this was a show that was definitely more than the sum of its’ parts. The patrons were made to feel welcome from the moment they entered the venue and were entertained and seduced by the performance from start to finish.