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Adelaide Fringe 2016

Down, Down Lucifer

Gender Traffic Productions

Genre: Contemporary, Fringe Theatre, New Writing, Storytelling

Venue: The Bakehouse Theatre


Low Down

Lucifer wants to be God. The only problem is the angels hate him, men demonize him and his adversary is an all-powerful creator being at the head of an unbeatable celestial dictatorship. How will he ever collect enough souls to stage his coup?
A modern, dark and funny take on the devil myth. In this world premiere, Philippe Klaus plays the fallen angel and boldly attempts to steal your soul.


Philippe Klaus presents this one man show with verve and style.  Tackling Lucifer’s troubles across time, he is in turns funny, wicked, foul-mouthed and then funny all over again.  This is certainly an adult show. Klaus had his audience in stitches at his irreverent wit, building on the shock value of his words.

The staging is very simple, comprising of a wicker-style stool containing sequined scarlet killer heels, a black sack and a blackboard with posters.  All focus is on Lucifer who narrates his seduction of women in a variety of voices, commentating on his own position in the hierarchy and his heart-felt desires.  Halfway through, as he morphs into a woman, he dons the killer heels which are powerfully symbolic of the presentations of gender in the narrative.  Rather than distracting, they fully enhance the gender fluidity, whilst accentuating the distracting blood on his otherwise ‘innocent’ apparel.

The closing songs are particularly acerbic and had the audience laughing aloud.  The change of pace helped to increase the tension once more.

Overall, this is an intense production from an experienced, professional actor.