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Brighton Fringe 2012

The Silky Pair Open Up

The Silky Pair

Genre: Comedy


 Upstairs at Three and Ten


Low Down

The Silky Pair bring their hour of songs, monologues and sketches to the Three and Ten. The shop is open and ready to help. 


"Happy to Help", "Shop Open" is a backdrop of some full throated comedyv from The Sily Pair.
This is a comedy duo, Kathryn Bond and Lorna Shaw,  who work together with a silky easiness. They balance their material well which is essential for a successful comedy duo. Apparent differences in character belie a deeper fluency. 
Selling us songs, sketches and much more, the audience are willing buyers. And they are using our secrets for comedy purposes! Apparently, we’ve been researched!
Virtues of this show are the often offbeat and unpredictable twists and turns. This is a sketch comedy duo really on top of their comedy game – material ranges from whacky to sharply satirical, songs are delivered with consummate ease, the style is often overtly theatrical and it’s refreshing to see such a tightly rehearsed show that still manages to feel fresh as if they are delivering the material for the first time. The freshness is refreshing and though the material tickles different audience funny bones at different times, the smile and laughter factor is pretty high.
The performances are feisty and built around two market stall characters that could be out of Eastenders. The "happy to help" "shop open" backdrop isn’t as strong as the foreground comedy set pieces, the songs, duo- and monologues.
I feel the Silky Pair can go even further. Some of the material
Is stronger than other parts which lack the same comedy punch. The game sketch was overlong and didn’t deliver right to the end whereas the aerobics routine hit the heights. They need to look for greater consistency across the hour. If they succeed, I think radio and television beckons.
There are elements of Jo Neary and Catherine Tate here but they also have their own unique style too. It doesn’t all join up but paradoxically they is part of its quirky appeal.
But overall, there’s much to laugh at, and much to enjoy in a show I am happy to recommend.