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Brighton Fringe 2013

The God Particle

James Cary

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Venue: The Old Courtroom, Brighton


Low Down

James Cary’s plsy, The God Particle is a new piece which is an exploration of the intersection of science and religion.


James Cary’s The God Particle is a witty exploration of the intersection of science and religion. The romantic narrative follows Dr Rev Gilbert (religion) and Dr Bex (science) through various heated debates, a growing friendship and unexplained sci-fi occurrences.

The God Particle neatly expresses this argument without falling into the trap of dogma or flippancy, both sides of the argument encapsulated within opposing doctor characters. Jamie Hinde’s fast paced direction allowed us to consider science as religion and miracles as plausible. The sitcom style of James Cary’s writing is enjoyable and clearly reminiscent of The Vicar of Dibley and other similar BBC programs.

The structure of the piece reflected the unusual stretches and bends of time in the plot, showing scenes in a non-linear order to suggest the whole experience was subject to time travel. This idea could be pushed further, potentially placing the initial meeting scene in the middle of the piece to create a more intriguing, fragmented audience experience. The repetition of Bex’s lines stuck in a ‘time-loop’ was also very effective – there could be more of this device; the actors shone in this moment.

Abby Guinness performed the role of Dr Bex Kenworthy with passion and energy. She perfectly captured the combination of enthusiasm for her subject and prejudice towards religious people. The character at times did stray towards the cliché of the uptight, sarcastic threatened woman – the audience would warm to Bex and find her funnier if this was relaxed a bit and her delivery was more truthful.

Ruben Crow was ultimately endearing as Dr Rev Romans; after a stilted beginning his delivery relaxed and the audience were won over by the eccentric, posh academic. Crow neatly delivered enthusiasm over the miracles and time travel as well as a calm, adamant belief in the influence of God. A few more subtle clues of his attraction to Bex would help to round this character; some more glances or smiles.

The God Particle will be performed at Just the Tonic at Edinburgh Fringe, 12pm daily – grab your tickets now, this is going to be a Festival hit. If you’re not heading to Edinburgh they are also touring – more information can be found on their website.

The God Particle is a stand-out sitcom style performance from an adept and likeable company.