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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

A Perhaps-Too-Intimate Evening of Music and Hilarity

The Young Dads

Genre: Musical Theatre

Venue: C Central


Low Down

A madcap hour, poking fun at "The corporation" from musical comedy duo, The Young Dads.


The Young Dads are Jesse Andrews (on a mean bass) and Micah Shapiro. A Powerpointed "corporate music machine." Each humorous and well played and delivered song has Powerpoint slides in the background. The corporate backdrop lacks originality and comedy punch, though it’s certainly delivered with full on energy and commitment. The dance set pieces were very funny and the show hit a comedy high, full of fun and had the audience clapping and giggling.
The duo are largely at their best when they’re singing. Particular
favourites were ‘Hot Pop Accountants’ and ‘Existential Crisis – witty, (apparently a CD is available). There was some very funny and top drawer singing. If the spoken comedy matched this level
the show’s comedy consistency would rise, as would the review rating. This has the makings of an outstanding show but it all feels a bit disjointed, with the talents of this pair running ahead of the slide-satire. I applaud the playfulness combined with genuine ability in voice, dance and song, but it really does need a script makeover in between the musical highlights. The show did improve as the hour progressed and was never less than fun. The audience certainly enjoyed, particularly the younger members.
Having seen powerpointed comedy more than a few times at the Fringe I’d suggest the slides are built up with more animation, especially during the songs. Four star music, two star comedy makes this benchmarked show come out with a key performance measure of three, which means, a recommended show. Despite it’s uneven comedy material and weakly realised central theme, the music and dancing is a theatrical bonanza on its own. Go see it.


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