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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

A Slice of Saturday Night

Canvas Theatre

Genre: Musical Theatre

Venue: The Spaces, Venue 45


Low Down

 A Slice of Saturday began life in a small theatre in Brighton. Set at the Club ag-go, this fell-good sixties musical is brought in a cut-down version by Canvas Theatre.


This version of this cult Heather Brothers musical that began life in my home town of Brighton and has gone on to become a cult show world-wide with stars such as Alvin Stardust stepping into the shoes of Eric "Rubber Legs" Devine. This version is staged in the semi round in the intimate space at Venue 45.
The strength of this musical story of love in a 1960s club is the ensemble commitment and energy. Some of the blocking needs a look, especially in the  scenes where all are on stage.
Also the men sing louder than the women in places. That said, the troupe sing together strongly and infect the audience with laughter and much enjoyment..
The ensemble singing is strong and the choreography works a treat in terms of evoking the feel of the era. The Heather Brothers songs are interpreted well, though the quality of singing is mixed.
The song, Premature Ejaculation was a 5 star moment in a show that was full of verve and fizz. The Club A-GoGo is brought to life and though cut significantly from the original two act version, the story remains intact and accessible. Everyone works hard and the semi round space is largely well blocked with just a bit of overcrowding when everyone is on stage.
I recommend you see this if you’d like to leave with a warm feeling inside and a bit of an ache from laughing in all the right moments. Well done to Canvas Theatre.