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Edinburgh Fringe 2010


Helene Coete

Genre: Children's Theatre

Venue: The Zoo


Low Down

 In this adventure story, two girls go on an adventure in search of the most wonderful stories in the world.  It is a path previously trodden by their great-grandfather, full of adventure and whimsy.  Some work is still needed for it to fulfill its potential, however the puppets are beautiful, and the show is an enjoyable afternoon offering.


Aberglas tells the story of two girls who go on an adventure to find a set of books that they believe will contain the best stories in the world.   It’s a pleasing tale involving Lady Gwen, a female knight who has lost her horse, and a few more surprising and charming characters along the way.

Ultimately the stars of the show are the puppets, and they are what earn the production the three stars.  They are beautifully made, make frequent appearances, and it was clear that the children in the audience were really enjoying their presence on stage (as well as the chance to meet them after the show).  

Unfortunately however, not enough thought has been given to the staging or handling of the puppets, and as a result, they don’t shine quite as they should.  Additionally, the actors need develop their puppeteering skills if the puppets are to really come alive.   

Similarly, whilst the production showcases a lovely idea for a story, the script definitely needs more development in order to truly transport the audience.

This is a promising company, and their vision is a beautiful one.  And although the show feels as though it is still in its early stages, it is nevertheless an enjoyable way to spend an hour – and most importantly, the kids in the audience definitely had a good time. 


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