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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Domestic Goddi Wonderland

Avalon Promotions Ltd

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard


Low Down

Fast paced sketch comedy from three talented Fringe favourites with a wealth of amusing, eccentric and just totally barking mad characters to admire.


Domestic Goddi are long time favourites of the Edinburgh Fringe. On the back of sell-out shows in 2008 and 2009, Helen O’Brien, Rosie Wilkinson and Genevieve Swallow have returned with Wonderland, an energetic and fast paced comedy sketch show that plays to the trio’s obvious talent for mimicry, characterization, accents and clever word play.

The array of characters starts with two of the upper class set, somewhat out of touch with the rest of society and now down to their last ducat, forced by impecunery to open up their country estate and let in the proletariat. Lady Muck certainly prefers horses to people and her engagingly eccentric sister Binty is suitably incomprehensible due to the proliferation of plums in her cheeks. 
Class gags work well in UK centred sketches and our trio cleverly use the juxtaposition of a working class Irish nanny to expose the nonsense propounded by those yummy mummies who insist on weaning their children on the equivalent of sashimi and udon noodles whilst mowing down the elderly with their 4×4 buggies. 
The characters come at you thick and fast. There is the sexually repressed music teacher, three pandas demanding the right to die rather than have to go through the horrendous efforts associated with reproduction, the mother with the neurotic, size zero obsessed teenagers and the ageing film-star interviewed by a passable impression of a female Michael Parkinson. And then there’s pensioner Mrs Manning, warming up the Alzheimer’s crowd with a poorly chosen selection of her erstwhile husband’s so called brand of humour. 
This is a slick, fast paced show with neat change-overs aided by well chosen music with sound and light effects allowing a seamless transition between the seemingly unrelated sketches. These range from the just plain daft to those with either a subtle message or some well disguised irony woven into cleverly delivered humour.
Watch out as the team from Hot Gear shop shoulder test the latest turbo-charged handbags and admire the patronising game show host as the girls charge through to a fitting and rousing climax centred on bowel movements. No subject is taboo and nothing is spared the treatment from these talented performers in an amusing, whirlwind hour.