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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Fresher – The Musical

Paulden Productions and the Blue Penguin

Genre: Musical Theatre

Venue: Zoo


Low Down

First hours/week at University….getting to know getting it quite rights but maturing very quickly….grown up relationships begin. .the university experience has begun….Freshers is a brand-new pop-funk musical from the winners of seven national awards. It charts the story of five fresh-faced teenagers who arrive at University where first impressions mean everything and rules nothing! 

I’d put my money in this show!


This is a meaty musical: a very clever book indeed tracing the swiftly changing relationships of five Freshers in the first heady days of their new university life. The puppies arrive in high anticipation of an easy round of easy birds, ever flowing beer and trendy drugs. The reality, which begins to dawn even the first day after, leads to self-challenging situations and relationships. Very true, very clear and told in a way with first rate funky music and good tunes and good singing and choreography that is totally understandable, believable and fun. This is not heavy moralistic piece. It’s a musical, it’s fun, and yet it presents a true picture not a Hollywood soap situation. . Like Billy Elliot it’s warts and all, with a feel good end and lots of laughs and good music and dancing en route. 

The themes could easily be fleshed out without padding and with a couple or three of catch tunes. I think the young will flock to see it to see themselves, and the older generation will turn up in their theatre best to see what their young are actually up to at university The Music is composed by Mark Aspinall who is joined by musicians Ian Bailey and George English playing live on stage. Natash Barnes, Andrew Bryant, Steven Aspinall, Mark Lawson and Nicola McQuillan (on the night your reviewer saw the piece). Racky Plews choreography was effective and the musical was directed with pace by Guy Unsworth. A good punt for the West End I’d say.